May 25, 2024  
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department Programs List

Accounting Department

Aerospace Studies

Africana and Black Studies Program

American Indian Studies Program

Anthropology & Museum Studies

Art Department

Asia/Pacific Studies Program

Aviation Department Flight Technology Program

Biological Sciences Department

Business Administration Business Administration Department

Business and Marketing Education Program Business and Marketing Education Department

No active Programs available

Chemistry Department Chemistry Department

Communication Department Communication Department

Computer Science Department Computer Science Department

Douglas Honors College

Economics Department Economics Department

Educational Foundations and Curriculum Department

English Department English Department

Environmental Studies Environmental Studies Program

Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies Program

Family & Consumer Sciences Department Family Consumer Science Department

Film and Video Studies Program Film and Video Studies Program

Finance & Operations and Supply Chain Management Department Finance and OSC

Foreign Languages Department Foreign Languages Department

Geography Department Geography Department

Geological Sciences Department Geology Department

Gerontology Program Gerontology Program

History Department History Department

Humanities Program Humanities Program

No active Programs available

Individual Studies Program Individual Studies Program

Industrial & Engineering Technology Industrial Engineering Technology Department

Information Technology & Administrative Management Information Tech and Admin Management Department

Interdisciplinary Studies General Studies Program

International Studies Program International Studies Program

Language, Literacy, and Special Education Department (LLSE)

Latino and Latin American Studies Program Latin American Studies Program

Law & Justice Department Law and Justice Department

Library Science Library Science Program

No active Programs available

Management Department

Mathematics Department Mathematics Department

Military Science Department Military Science Department

Music Department Music Department

Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences Department

Occupational Education Program Occupational Education Program

Philosophy and Religious Studies Department Philosophy Department

Physical Education, School and Public Health Department

Physics Department Physics Department

Political Science Department Political Science Department

Pre-Professional Programs Pre-Professional Programs

Primate Behavior & Ecology Program Primate Behavior & Ecology Program

Psychology Department Psychology Department

Public Policy Program

Science Education Program Science Education Program

Science Honors Research Science Honors Research Program

No active Programs available

Sociology Department Sociology Department

STEP Program

Teaching Elementary, Adolescent, and Young Children Department

Theatre Arts Department Theatre Arts Department

University and Enrichment University Studies Program

No active Programs available

Women’s Studies Program Women Studies Program