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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Safety and Health Management Major, BS

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Sathyanarayanan Rajendran, PhD, CSP

Allen Sullivan, PhD
Michael Andler, senior lecturer

Program Information
The mission of the CWU Safety and Health Management (SHM) Program is to prepare our graduates to be safety and health professionals who have the technical proficiency to help create injury and incident-free workplace. The safety and health field includes many industries, functions, and occupations. Graduates from the curriculum have a history of high employment rates and competitive starting salaries.

The BS in safety and health management is the primary program for the student seeking a baccalaureate degree leading to a career in safety and health management.

Admission Requirements
SHM pre-major applications are accepted throughout the academic year. Major applications are accepted during spring quarter, and students officially start in the fall quarter. Admission to the program is based upon a review of completed prerequisite courses, and application materials. Please see the program application at www.cwu.edu/engineering.

Admission to any course requires a grade of C or higher in each prerequisite listed. Students who do not meet the prerequisite grade requirement will be dropped from the course.

A student is expected to complete each course used to fulfill a degree program requirement with a grade of C or higher. Students must complete all CWU basic and breadth requirements prior to beginning 400-level SHM coursework.

Required Basic and Breadth Requirement Courses Credits: 30

Choose one of the following mathematics courses: (5)

Choose one of the following statistics courses: (5)

Choose one of the following management courses: (4-5)

Choose one of the following project management courses: (4-5)

Department-approved Elective Course Credits: 4-5

Total Credits: 129-132

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