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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Credit

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Transfer Credit

Equivalency Guides and Policies

Central Washington University accepts a maximum of 135 total transfer credits from regionally accredited four-year schools, including a maximum of 105 total credits from regionally accredited community colleges. Credits are evaluated by Registrar Services based on official transcripts. Credits earned in courses numbered 100 and above are generally accepted toward total transfer credits provided the courses require university-level study.

Transfer courses equivalent to CWU courses will apply toward the baccalaureate degree exactly as do the CWU courses for which they are being substituted. Equivalency is established by a course review from the appropriate academic department. Other transfer courses that have not been established as exact equivalents may transfer as general electives and may also be allowed in the degree program with approval from the appropriate academic department chair and, as appropriate, college dean.

Colleges that operate on semester basis give semester credits. Equivalent quarter credits are semester credits multiplied by one and one half.

Credits earned at institutions which are not fully accredited by a regional accrediting association are not accepted. Consideration for exception to this policy may be made by written petition to the dean of the appropriate college after earning a minimum of 45 credits at Central with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

The university recognizes college credit from a number of sources, including Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB), DANTES and military educational experience or correspondence credit. Up to 45 quarter credits from these programs may be counted toward graduation.

The university endorses the Policy on Inter-College Transfer and Articulation among Washington public colleges and universities published by the Washington Student Achievement Council. The policy deals with the rights and responsibilities of transfer students, and the review and appeal process in transfer credit disputes. Contact Registrar Services for more detailed information.

Academic associate degrees which are part of the Direct Transfer Agreements (DTA) between the university and Washington community and technical colleges will meet the general education requirement of a bachelor’s degree. Community and technical colleges offer several kinds of associate degrees, therefore, students who plan to transfer to the university should check with their counselors to make sure they are enrolled in the appropriate direct transfer degree program.

Associate of science degrees with transfer agreements between the university and Washington community and technical colleges will meet the general education requirements of a bachelor’s degree when students complete additional lower division, general education courses at CWU.

A student cannot earn an associate degree and bachelor’s degree in the same quarter.

Academic associate of art degrees from a public community college outside of Washington State, accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), will meet the general education requirements of a bachelor’s degree. Approved degrees are noted on the Registrar website (

Students transferring to CWU from another Washington State public baccalaureate institution, whose General University Requirements or General Education Requirements were complete at the sending institution, will also satisfy all of the CWU General Education Requirements, provided official documentation is received from the sending institute and certified by CWU.

Advanced Placement Credit

The University will grant at a minimum elective credit for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams completed with a score of three (3) or higher. Students may receive credit for advanced placement with a grade of S, depending upon the scores achieved on the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Test (AP). Students must request that their AP test scores be sent to the Registrar Services at Central. Scores of 3 or better on Advanced Placement Examination will be awarded as free electives for departments without specific policy. No more than 45 total quarter credits through AP or other sources of nontraditional credit may apply toward graduation requirements.

Department   AP Score   CWU Equivalent (credit amount)
Art and Design
  Art 2D   3, 4, 5   Electives (5)
  Art 3D   3, 4, 5   Electives (5)
  Art History   3, 4, 5   Aesthetic Experience (5)
  Art Studio   3, 4, 5   Electives (5)
Biology   3   BIOL 101 (5)
      4, 5   BIOL 181 and 182 (10)
Chemistry   3, 4   Fundamental Disciplines of Physical and Biological Sciences (5)
      5   CHEM 181, 181LAB, 182, 182LAB (10)
Computer Science
  Computer Science A   3, 4   CS 110 (4)
  Computer Science A   5   CS 110, 111 (8)
  Computer Science AB   3, 4, 5   CS 110, 111 (8)
  Computer Science Principles   3, 4, 5   Computer Fundamentals (4)
  Micro Economics   3, 4, 5   ECON 201 (5)
  Macro Economics   3, 4, 5   ECON 202 (5)
  Lang and Comp   3, 4, 5   ENG 101 (4)
  Lit and Comp   3, 4, 5   ENG 105 (5)
Environmental Science
      3, 4   ENST 201 (5)
      5   ENST 201 and ENST 202 (10)
  Human Geography   3, 4, 5   GEOG 108 (5)
  U.S. History   3, 4   HIST 144 (5)
  U.S. History   5   HIST 143 and HIST 144 (10)
  World History   3, 4, 5   HIST 103 (5)
  European History    3, 4, 5   Perspectives on World Cultures (5)
  Calculus AB   3, 4, 5   MATH 172 (5)
  Calculus BC   3, 4, 5   MATH 172 and MATH 173 (10)
  Math Statistics   3, 4, 5   MATH 311 (5)
  Music Listening and Literature   3, 4, 5   Music Elective (4)
  Music Theory   3, 4, 5   Music Elective (4)
  Physics 1   3   Fundamental Disciplines of Physical and Biological Sciences (5)
  Physics 1   4, 5   PHYS 111 (5)
  Physics 2   4, 5   PHYS 112 and PHYS 113 (10)
Physics C
  Mechanics   3   Fundamental Disciplines of Physical and Biological Sciences and Natural Sciences Lab (5)
  Mechanics   4, 5   PHYS 181 and PHYS 182 (10)
  Electricity & Magnetism   4, 5   PHYS 183 (5)
Political Science
  American Govt   3, 4   Political Science Elective (5)
  American Govt   5   POSC 210 (5)
  Comparative Politics   3, 4   Political Science Elective (5)
  Comparative Politics   5   POSC 260 (5)
      3   Psychology Elective (5)
      4, 5   PSY 101 (5)
World Languages
      3   WL 251 (5)
      4   WL 251, 252 (10)
  Maximum 15 total cr.   5   WL 251, 252, 253 (15 max)
  French Literature   3, 4, 5   French Elective (5)
  Spanish Literature   3, 4, 5   Spanish Elective (5)
  Latin Literature   3, 4, 5   World Language Elective (5)
  Latin Vergil   3, 4, 5   World Language Elective (5)

College Level Examination Program

Students will be awarded college-level quarter credits with a grade of S for each score at the 50th percentile on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) humanities, social science/history and natural sciences examinations. These credits will meet the general education requirements in the appropriate areas. Students may also be awarded credit for subject examinations as determined by appropriate academic departments at the time of application for credit.

No more than 45 total quarter credits through CLEP or other sources of nontraditional credit may apply to graduation requirements. CLEP credit is not awarded for English.

College Level Examination Program
CLEP Test Scores for Central Washington University at the 50th Percentile or Above.
    Score   CWU Equivalent (credit amount)
Calculus with Elementary Functions   50+   MATH 172 and 173 (10)
Chemistry   63+   CHEM 181, 181LAB (5)
College Mathematics   50+   Basic Skills Math (5)
Macroeconomics   50+   Economics Elective (5)
Microeconomics   50+   Economics Elective (5)
Human Growth  and Development   50+   PSY 314 (4)
Humanities   50+   Literature and the Humanities (5)
Info Systems and Computer Applications   54+   CS 101 (4)
Intro to Psychology   50+   PSY 101 (5)
Intro Ed. Psychology   50+   PSY 315 (4)
Intro to Sociology   50+   SOC 107 (5)
Natural Sciences   50+   Fundamental Disciplines of Physical and Biological Sciences (5)
Social Science and History   50+   Perspectives on the Cultures and Experiences of the US (5)
Western Civilization I   50+   HIST 101 (5)
Western Civilization II   50+   HIST 102 or 103 (5)
US History I   57+   HIST 143 (5)
US History II   54+   HIST 144 (5)
French Language Level I   50-61   FR 151, 152, and 153 (15)
French Language Level II   62+   FR 251, 252, and 253 (15)
German Language Level I   50-62   GERM 151, 152, and 153 (15)
German Language Level II   63+   GERM 251, 252, and 253 (15)
Spanish Language Level I   50-62   SPAN 151, 152, and 153 (15)
Spanish Language Level II   63+   SPAN 251, 252, and 253 (15)
*CLEP Spanish cannot meet major or minor requirements in the World Language department.

International Baccalaureate

Central recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) program as a coherent, challenging course of study and responds individually to each participant’s IB transcript for award of college credit. Central will grant at a minimum elective credit for International Baccalaureate (IB) higher level exams completed with a score of five (5) or higher, with exceptions.  Standards for acceptance will be established by the appropriate academic departments and listed in the official catalog.  CWU recognizes the International Baccalaureate Diploma and awards up to 45 quarter credits (30 semester credits). With the receipt of a Diploma, credit will be awarded for 3 courses (15 quarter credits) and distributed evenly among the three general education breadth areas (natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities).  These credits will not be applied to lab or writing courses. An additional 30 quarter credits (20 semester credits) may be awarded in the areas of the students’ higher level subject exams with a score of 5 or higher.  No more that 45 total quarter credits through IB or other sources of nontraditional credit may apply toward graduation requirements.

IB Department   Exam   Score   CWU Equivalent (credit amount)
Art Appreciation   HL   5+   ART 103 (4)
Biology   HL   5   BIOL 101 (5)
      HL   6+   BIOL 181, 182, and 183 (15)
Chemistry   SL   4+   CHEM Elective (5)
      HL    5   CHEM 181 and 182 (10)
      HL    6+   CHEM 181, 182, and 183 (15)
Computer Science   HL   4, 5+   Computer Fundamentals (5)
English   HL   3+   ENG 101 (4)
World Language   SL   3 or 4   WL 151 (5)
      SL   5+   WL 151 and 152 (10)
      HL   5   WL 251 (5)
      HL   6   WL 251 and 252 (10)
      HL   7   WL 251, 252 and 253 (15)
Geography   HL   4+   GEOG 208 (5)
History   HL   5+   HIST 101 (5)
  Americas       5+   HIST 101 and HIST 386 (10)
  Africa       5+   History Elective/SB-B (5)
  W. South Asia       5+   History Elective/SB-B (5)
  E. Southeast Asia       5+   History Elective/SB-B (5)
  Europe       5+   History Elective/SB-B (5)
Philosophy   HL   3+   PHIL 201 (5)
Physics   HL   5+   PHYS 181, 182, and 183 (15)
      SL   5+   PHYS 111, 112, and 113 (15)
Psychology   HL   5+   PSY 101 (5)
SL= Standard Level
HL= High Level
Must have High School certificate or degree posted on transcript for credits to be accepted.

Credit for Military Service

Matriculated students seeking to use Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits must submit official military transcripts (Joint Services Transcript) for evaluation.  Students may receive up to 30 lower and/or upper division credits for completion of military educational experiences as recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE).  Basic training and Military Occupational Specialty courses are excluded.  Military credit recommendations that are direct equivalents to CWU course offerings may be articulated to that specific course with departmental approval.   If direct course equivalents do not exist, elective credit will be awarded when possible.

Non-U.S. College/Univeristy Credit

Credit will be accepted from non-U.S. institutions of higher education when (1) it has been earned at an institution linked to CWU either by a bilateral or consortial (e.g., International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) agreement, or when an institution has been certified by the CWU Office of International Studies and Programs as a legitimate, recognized institution of higher education (tertiary level) within a particular country; (2) the student has received a passing grade recognized by the institution; and (3) an official record or transcript has been received by the university.

Non-Transferable Courses

Credit will not be granted for vocational/technical courses; non-credit courses and workshops; remedial or college preparatory courses; or sectarian religious studies.

Degrees Offered

Central Washington University offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Science

Students wishing to earn a BA, BAS, BAEd, BFA, BM, or BS degree must complete (1) the general education program; (2) a concentration of at least 60 credits which may be satisfied by a specified major, or a specified major and minor, or a specified major and courses in other fields as prescribed by the major department; (3) electives in sufficient quantity to include 60 upper-division credits to bring the total quarter credits to 180; and (4) other degree requirements as specified in the catalog under Graduation Requirements. Department fields of study are listed by major, minor, or specialization by college on the undergraduate programs offered. Minor concentrations are offered in many fields.

Students wishing to earn a BAEd degree must complete (1) the general education program; (2) a major in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education or Special Education and minors, when appropriate; (3) the professional education foundation courses; (4) 180 total quarter credits (including 60 upper-division credits); and (5) other general degree requirements as listed under the College of Education and Professional Studies and Graduation Requirements sections in this catalog. Students may select any university minor; however, students are strongly encouraged to select an endorsable teaching minor.