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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Asian Studies Program

College of Arts and Humanities
Language and Literature Bldg., room 100-0

Fax 509-963-1822
    See website for how this program may be used for educational and career purposes.

Faculty and Staff

Chong Eun Ahn, PhD

Program Faculty
Chong Eun Ahn, PhD, history
Yukari Amos, PhD, education
John Bowen, PhD, geography
Jeffrey Dippmann, PhD, philosophy and religious studies
Marilyn Levine, PhD, history
Joshua Nelson, PhD, world languages and cultures
Penglin Wang, PhD, anthropology

Associate Faculty
Seokhoon Ahn, PhD, communication
Koushik Ghosh, PhD, economics
Volha Isakava, PhD, world languages and cultures
Michael Johnson, PhD, world languages and cultures
Eun-Young Lee, PhD, communication
Yong Joo Lee, PhD, finance and OSCM
Charles Li, PhD, English
Kun Liao, PhD, finance and OSCM
Kenneth Munsell, MA, history
Joshua Nelson-Ichido, PhD, communication
Michel O’Brien, PhD, English
Jae-Young Oh, PhD, finance and OSCM
Hideki Takei, DBA, ITAM
Lily Vuong, PhD, philosophy and religious studies
Fen Wang, PhD, ITAM
Xiaoyin Zhong, MA, world languages and cultures

Kristy Magdlin, secretary senior

Program Information
The Asian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on a region currently undergoing a dramatic economic, political, and social transformation. The program provides students with a grasp of the region’s diversity while emphasizing the interactive nature of an overarching community of nations. Careers in international business, government service, and education can be augmented by preparation in Asian Studies. The program also serves as an excellent preparation for graduate study in various academic and professional fields.

Program Outcomes
For information on program outcomes, please go to: www.cwu.edu/mission/assessment-improvement/slo-assessment-plans

Course Offerings
Frequency of course offering information can be found at the department website: www.cwu.edu/asian-studies or by contacting the department directly.


    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Minor


      Asia Studies (AST)