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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accessibility Studies Minor

It may be common sense that people differ in their capacities and circumstances, but an accessibility studies minor documents a specialized knowledge base about the challenges of living independently in both virtual and physical worlds. This valuable skill set adds practical depth and personal meaning to all professions. As awareness becomes greater, so do the legal and cultural expectations of preventing barriers and facilitating greater inclusion. 

All courses are online and highly interactive. Each course is offered more than once each year and all courses are offered in the summer.  

Career Compatibility: Accessibility studies add practical depth to all degrees influenced by the two primary motivations to improve accessibility: to prevent risk of lawsuits (risk management) and to increase participation by removing barriers and stigma (social justice). Examples of CWU majors in such fields include students business administration; human resource management; supply chain management; marketing; public policy; non-profit organization management; public health; social services; safety and health management; recreation and tourism; family and child life; web design and management; physical rehabilitation therapy; paramedicine; emergency medical technician; communication; graphic design; professional and creative writing; American sign language; theatre art design and production; museum studies; anthropology; interdisciplinary studies in social sciences; applied computer science; law and justice; psychology; library information science; instructional foundations.

Admission Requirements
Admission to the program requires an application approved by the Accessibility Studies Program. This should be submitted and approved before completing more than one core course (ASP 305; ASP 425; ASP 435). Enrollment in ASP 485 is contingent on demonstrated research methods proficiency.

Graduation Requirements
Successful completion of required courses with a minimum of C+ in all courses and at least 75% score on the culminating exam administered in ASP 485.

Required Courses Credits: 17

Department-Approved Electives Credits: 5

Total Credits: 22

College and Department Information

Curriculum, Supervision, and Educational Leadership Department  
College of Education and Professional Studies  

Program Codes
Major plan codes: ACSTMIN, ACSTMINP
Online option codes: ACSTMINO, ACSTMINOP

Online Availability
This program is offered exclusively online.