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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Education and School Health Major, BS

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Admission Description and Requirements
This major is designed for students interested in teaching physical education and school health education for grades K-12. Students will receive experiences in physical education and health education content, pedagogy, movement applications, and practicums in the major. Students taking this major for teaching are required to apply to the Teacher Certification Program and complete either the Professional Education Program or the Secondary Education Program requirements offered through the Department of Curriculum, Supervision, and Educational Leadership. The following additional requirements also apply:

  • Classes in this major are organized over six consecutive quarters and must be taken in sequence.
  • Students must receive a letter grade of C or higher for all courses in the major. Students who receive less than a C grade in any class that is a prerequisite for others will not be permitted to continue in the major until they have done so.
  • Students must have a 2.85 GPA in their last 45 credits to be fully admitted into the PESH program.
  • All students completing this program are required to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions in their classes portfolio prior to student teaching.
  • Students may also graduate with a non-teaching BS degree in physical education and school health.
  • Professional dress requirements apply to many classes in this major and in placements in school settings. Students must comply with these requirements to participate in the program.
  • Students must attend and document they have attended two conferences.

See the Department of Sport and Movement Studies website for more information:


For the major application procedure, contact the physical education and school health program director.

Graduation Requirements
Students must have a 2.85 cumulative GPA for entry into the PESH major. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in each one of their required PESH classes.

Program Learner Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate best practices of effective teaching in physical education and school health;
  • create an interdisciplinary curriculum unit plan that is aligned with the state and national standards for physical education and school health;
  • possess an organized comprehensive health portfolio or file system that will contain health content information, resource links, and lesson ideas critical to teaching health in the elementary;
  • demonstrate knowledge of a variety of content and progressions in physical education and school health;
  • pass the WEST E proficiency test;
  • demonstrate professional dispositions in a practicum learning experience; and
  • demonstrate using appropriate writing elements in a variety of assignments.

Required Courses

Total Credits: 77

Secondary Education Program Credits: 51-55 (or Professional Education Program Credits: 50)

Professional Education Program  
Secondary Education Program  

Total Credits: 128-132

College and Department Information

Sport and Movement Studies Department  
College of Education and Professional Studies  

Online Availability
The program does not have a designated online only option.

Program Codes


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