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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Studies Major, BA (Small Plan)

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The College of Arts and Humanities’ BA, Liberal Studies large plan (64-66 cr), small plan (45-47 cr), and Liberal Studies minor (30 cr) make it attractive for a variety of situations and academic needs.

The Liberal Studies majors and minor are designed for students whose primary interest lies in a variety of areas within the arts and humanities and requires interdepartmental course selections, which are not possible within single academic programs or established curricula. The program offers students an opportunity to devise an approved, by an academic advisor, coherent program of study from across the institution, fulfilling academic and/or career goals and includes prerequisites consistent with the 300/400-level major coursework within the approved College of Arts and Humanities courses.

Students in the Liberal Studies major must take courses in at least three disciplines within the College of Arts and Humanities. Because of the Humanistic focus of the program, courses used in the program “Course of Study” from disciplines outside of the College of Arts and Humanities require the approval of BA, Liberal Studies program director.

The program also combines educational opportunities designated as Liberal ArtsPLUS Certificates and Opportunities, which are considered educational enhancements for any program leading to enhanced career placement.

Liberal Arts Plus Certificates and Opportunities -

  • Global Cultural Training Certificate
  • Global Citizenship Certificate
  • International Theatre Experience Certificate
  • Latin American Business Certificate
  • Non-Profit Organizational Management Certificate
  • Professional Writing Certificate
  • Spanish Translation and Interpretation Certificate
  • Sport Business Certificate
  • TESOL Certificate
  •  Alumni Mentorship Program
  • Community Engagement Programs
  • Cooperative Education (internship) Program
  • Departmental Honors Programs
  • Global Experiences/Study Aboard Programs
  • Leadership Programs
  • Mentored Research Programs
  • William O. Douglas Honors Program

Program Learner Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in critical-thinking and problem solving
  • Integrate knowledge  by gathering, evaluating, and using information drawn from two or more disciplines
  • Engage in experiential learning in prospective career or academic field
  • Communicate effectively in two medias or genres (e.g. oral presentation, academic paper, social media, or website), to more than one audience (e.g. academic, professional, public)

Liberal Studies Core Requirements

Complete the following:

Department-Approved Electives Credits: 36-37

36-37 credits must be taken from the list of courses approved for the Liberal Studies major. Students in the interdisciplinary Liberal Studies major must take courses in at least three disciplines within the major and no more than 10 credits of lower-division (100/200) coursework may be included. No more than 10 credits may be numbered 490. In addition, a Large Plan major must complete one (1) or more of the Liberal ArtsPLUS Certificates or Opportunities. Elective courses of study will be submitted as part of CAH 289.

Liberal Arts Plus

As a part of their course of study, a Small Plan major must complete one (1) or more of the Liberal ArtsPLUS Certificates or Opportunities.

Total Credits: 45-47

College and Department Information

College of Arts and Humanities  

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