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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electronic Engineering Technology Major with Specializations, BS

Lad Holden, MS (Coordinator)
John Gumaer, MS
Taiqian Yang, PhD

The technologists graduating from this program are applications oriented, building upon a background of mathematics, science, and technology. They interface with engineers at the product level and produce practical, workable results quickly, install and operate technical systems, devise hardware and software from proven concepts, develop and produce products, service machines, programs, and systems, manage production facilities and work groups, and provide support for technical systems’ hardware and software.

The core of the major’s coursework is electronics, digital principles, programming, math, and science. There are two specializations: computer engineering technology for students specializing in software, and electronic systems for those specializing in hardware.

Students interested in engineering courses after graduation should complete PHYS 181-183 and MATH through differential equations (MATH 376 and 377).

Students pursuing this degree should work with the departmental advisors to ensure that they have met the prerequisites for the upper-division electives. Due to the number of hours required, some students may find that this program requires additional time to complete.

Computer Engineering Technology Specialization

Required Courses

  • EET Core Requirements Credits: 102-107

Department-approved electives Credits: 7-12

Total Credits: 134

Electronics Systems Specialization

Department-approved electives Credits: 7-12

Total Credits: 134