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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Programs Offered

     Departments and majors, specializations, and minors are listed by college in alphabetical order in this section. Courses numbered from 101–299 are lower-division courses, primarily for freshmen and sophomores; those numbered from 300–499 are upper-division courses, primarily for juniors and seniors. The numbers 296, 396, 496, and 596 designate individual study courses and are available for registration by prior arrangement with the course instructor and approval of the department chair.

The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the amount of credit each course carries. Variable credit courses include the minimum and maximum number of the credits within parentheses.

Not all of the courses are offered every quarter. Final confirmation of courses to be offered, information on new courses and programs, as well as a list of hours, instructor, titles of courses and places of class meetings, is available online in Safari which can be accessed through the CWU home page at www.cwu.edu. A registration handbook is available at Registrar Services or your university center office. This book will assist you in navigating through Safari.


Accounting Department

   Accounting Major, BS

Advanced Programs
See the graduate section of this catalog

Aerospace Studies Department (Air Force ROTC)

   Aerospace Studies Minor

Africana and Black Studies Program

   Africana and Black Studies Minor


American Indian Studies Program

     American Indian Studies Minor

Anthropology and Museum Studies Department

   Anthropology Major, BA

   Anthropology Major, BS

   Anthropology Minor

   Museum Studies Minor

Art Department

   Art Major, BA

   Art Major, BFA

      Studio Art Specialization

      Graphic Design Specialization

   Visual Art: Teaching Major, BA

   Art History Minor

   Art Studio Minor


Asia/Pacific Studies Programs

   Asia/Pacific Studies Major, BA

   Asia/Pacific Studies Minor

Aviation Department

   Aviation Management Major, BS

      Aviation Management Specialization

      Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization

   Professional Pilot Major, BS

      Flight Officer Specialization

      Commercial Pilot Specialization

   Aviation Management Minor

   Professional Pilot Minor

Biological Sciences Department

   Biology Major, BA

   Biology Major, BS

      General Biology
      Cell and Molecular Biology

      Ecology Specialization

      Organismal Biology Specialization

   Biology Teaching Major, BS

   Biology Minor

   Biology Secondary Teaching Minor

Chemistry Department

   Chemistry Major, BS

      Biochemistry Specialization

   Chemistry Teaching Major, BA

   Chemistry Minor

   Chemistry Teaching Minor

Communication Department

   Communication Studies Major, BA

   Journalism Major, BA

      Print Specialization

      Broadcast Specialization

      Convergent Media Specialization

   Public Relations Major, BA

   Advertising Minor  

   Organizational Communication Minor

   Communication Minor

   Non-profit Organization Administration


Computer Science Department

   Computer Science Major, BS

   Computer Science Minor

   Applied Computer Science Minor

Douglas Honors College Program

   Douglas Honors Minor

Economics Department

   Economics Major, BS

      Economic and Business Forecasting

      General Economics Specialization

      Managerial Economics Specialization

   Economics Minor I

   Economics Minor II

Education Foundations and Curriculum Department

   Profession Education Program

English Department

   English Language and Literature Major, BA

      English: Writing Specialization

   English/Language Arts Teaching Major,

   Creative Writing Minor

   English Language and Literature Minor

   Linguistics Minor


Environmental Studies Programs

   Environmental Studies Major, BS

   Environmental Studies Minor
   Energy Studies Minor

Ethnic Studies Program

   Ethnic Studies Minor

Family and Consumer Sciences Department

   Family and Consumer Sciences Major, BA

   Family Studies Major, BS

   Family and Consumer Sciences Career and
    Technical Education Teaching Major, BS

   Fashion Merchandising Major, BS

   Global Wine Studies Major, BS

   Recreation and Tourism Major, BS

       Recreation Management Specialization

       Tourism Management Specialization

   Apparel Design Minor

   Family and Consumer Sciences Minor

   Family and Consumer Sciences
    Education Minor

   Fashion Merchandising Minor

   Community Recreation Minor

   Family Studies Minor

   Program Development Minor

   Recreation Management Minor

   Tourism Management Minor

   Wine Trade and Tourism Minor

Film and Video Studies Programs

   Film and Video Studies Major, BA

      Critical Studies Specialization

       Production Specialization

   Critical Studies Minor

  Visual Literacy Minor

Finance and Supply Chain Management Department

   Business Administration Major, BS

      Finance Specialization

      General Business Specialization

      Supply Chain Management


   Business Minor

Foreign Languages Department

   Foreign Language Majors with
    Specializations (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian), BA

   Foreign Language Broad Area Major, BA

   Foreign Language: Teaching Broad Area
    Major, BA

   Foreign Language: Teaching Major, BA

   Spanish Major, BA

   Spanish Broad Area Major, BA

   Spanish Teaching Broad Area Major, BA

   Spanish Teaching Major, BA

   Foreign Language Minors (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian)

   Spanish Minor


Geography Department

   Geography Major, BA

   Geography Minor


Geological Sciences Department

   Earth Science Teaching Major, BA

   Environmental Geological Sciences
    Major, BS

   Geology Major, BA

   Geology Major, BS

   Earth Science Teaching Minor

   Geology Minor

History Department

   History Major, BA

   History: Social Studies Teaching Major, BA

  History Minor


Individual Studies Program

Industrial and Engineering Technology Department

   Electronics Engineering Technology
    Major, BS

      Computer Engineering Technology

      Electronic Systems Specialization

   Construction Management Major, BS

   Construction Safety Minor

   Technology Education Broad Area Major, BS

   Technology Education Major, BS

   Industrial Technology Major, BAS

   Industrial Technology Major, BS

   Mechanical Technology Major, BS

      Manufacturing Technology
       Specialization, BS

      Mechanical Technology
       Specialization, BS

   Occupational Safety and Health Major, BAS
   Safety and Health Management Major, BS 
   Industrial Technology Minor

Occupational Safety Technology Minor
Safety and Health Management Minor

   Traffic Safety - Safety Education Minor

Information Technology and Administrative Management Department

   Information Technology and
    Administrative Management Major, BAS

      Information Technology Specialization

      Administrative Management

Information Technology and
    Administration Management Major, BS

      Administrative Management

      Retail Management and Technology

      Network Administration and
       Management Specialization

      Web and Database Admin. and
       Management Specialization

   Administrative Management Minor or

   Computer Applications Minor or Certificate
   Information Technology Minor
    or Certificate

   Retail Management and Technology Minor
    or Certificate

   Web Design and Management Minor
    or Certificate

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

   Interdisciplinary Studies-Social
      Sciences Major, BS


International Studies and Programs

   International Studies Minor

Language, Literacy, and Special Education Department

   Special Education Major (P-12), BAEd

   Special Education (P-12) Broad Area Major, BAEd

   Literacy Minor

   Bilingual Education/Teaching English

    as a Second Language Minor

   Special Education Minor

   Teaching English as a Second Language
    (TESL) Minor

Latino and Latin American Studies Program

   Latino and Latin American Studies Minor

Law and Justice Department

   Law and Justice Major, BA

   Law and Justice Minor

Management Department

   Business Administration Major, BS

      General Business Specialization

      Human Resource Management

      Management and Organizational

      Marketing Management Specialization

   Business Minor

Mathematics Department

  Mathematics Major, BS

      Actuarial Science Major, BS

   Mathematics: Secondary Teaching Major, BA
   Middle Level Mathematics and Science Teaching Major, BA

   Mathematics Minor

   Mathematics Secondary Teaching Minor

   Middle Level Math Teaching Minor

Military Science Department

   Military Science Minor

Music Department

   Composition Major, BM

   Music Vocal Performance Major, BM

   Keyboard Performance Major, BM

   Percussion/Wind/String Performance
    Major, BM

  Music Education Major, BM

      Broad Area Specialization

      Choral Music Specialization

      Instrumental Music Specialization

   Music Major, BA

      Music Jazz Specialization

   Music Minor

   Non-profit Organization Administration


Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences Department
Clinical Physiology Mjor, BS 
Exercise Science Major, BS 

Physical Education Exercise Science Minor
Physical Education Athletic Training Minor
Food Science and Nutrition Major, BS
     Foods and Nutrition Specialization
       Dietetics Specialization
Food Service Management, BAS
Athletic Training Minor
Exercise Science Minor
Nutrition Minor
Food Service Management Minor
Paramedicine Major, BS

Philosophy and Religious Studies

   Philosophy Major, BA

      Religious Studies Specialization

   Philosophy Minor

   Religious Studies Minor

   Ethics Minor


Physical Education, School, and Public Health Department

   Physical Education and School Health Major, BS

   Physical Education Dance Minor

   Physical Education Dance: Teaching Minor

   Physical Education Coaching Minor

   Public Health Major, BS

      Community Health Education

      Pre-Nursing in Public Health

   Community Health Education Minor

Physics Department

    Physics Major, BA

    Physics Major, BS

  Dual-degree Physics/Engineering Program

  Astronomy Minor
   Physics Minor


Political Science Department

   Political Science Major, BA

   Political Science Minor

 Pre-Professional Programs






   Pre-Nursing in Public Health

   Pre-Occupational Therapy



   Pre-Physical Therapy


Primate Behavior and Ecology Program

Primate Behavior and Ecology Major, BS

Psychology Department

   Psychology Major, BA

   Psychology Minor

Public Policy Program

   Public Policy Major, BS

Science Education Department

   General Science Teaching Major, BS

   Middle Level Math and Science Teaching Major, BA

   Broad Area Science Teaching Minor

   Elementary Education Minor

   Middle Level Science Teaching Minor

Sociology Department

   Social Services Major, BS

   Sociology Major BA

   Sociology Major, BS

   Sociology Minor

   Social Services Minor

STEP (Science Talent Expansion Program)

Teaching Elementary, Adolescent, and Young Children Department

   Early Childhood Education Major, BAEd

   Elementary Education Major, BAEd

   Early Childhood Education Minor

Theatre Arts Department

   Theater Arts-General Studies Major, BA

   Theatre Arts Major, BFA

      Design and Production Specialization

      Performance Specialization

      Musical Theatre Specialization

   Theatre Arts: Teaching K-12 Major, BA

   Apparel Design Minor

   Theatre Arts Minor

   Non-profit Organization Administration


University English as a Second Language
    Program (UESL)


Women’s Studies Program

   Women’s Studies Minor