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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science Major, BS

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In order to expose computer science majors to a broad theoretical base while emphasizing the laboratory experience, students will complete the CS core courses. To add depth and flexibility to their academic programs, students will work out a focus area with a major advisor. A specific focus may be developed in many areas of computer science; examples include: artificial intelligence, computer systems, information systems, scientific computing, and software engineering. A table of possible sequences for focus-area electives follow the core requirements.

Total Credits: 106

Focus Area Electives List

Students may use additional courses as their focus area electives with the approval of their major advisor.

  • MATH courses at or above the level of 173
  • CS 410 - Formal Language Theory
  • CS 418 - Microprocessor Systems
  • CS 435 - Simulation
  • CS 460 - Optimization
  • CS 465 - Compiler Design

Possible Focus Area Sequences

The table below summarizes typical focused sequences taken by students.

AIS – Artificial Intelligence
Sys – Computer Systems
IS – Information Systems
Sci – Scientific Computing
SW – Software Design and Engineering
Web – Web Development

AIS Sys IS Sci SW Web 

CS 350                     X  
CS 440 X
CS 450 X
CS 455 X
CS 456 X X X X
CS 458 X
CS 473 X
CS 490 X
EET 221 X
EET 312 X
EET 371 X
EET 372 X
EET 375 X
MATH 173 X X X
MATH 265 X X
MATH 272 X
MATH 273 X
MATH 311 X
MATH 376 X
MATH 412 X
ACCT 251 X
ACCT 252 X
ECON 201 X
BUS 221 X
MIS 386 X


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