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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Education and Professional Studies

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Administration and Organization

Sathyanarayanan (Sathy) Rajendran (Black Hall, room 228)

Associate Deans
Kurt Kirstein, EdD (Black Hall, room 228-10)
Jennifer Dechaine, PhD (Black Hall, room 228-11)

​Ashley Mather, office assistant
Stefanie Parker, secretary senior
Beth Romero, administrative specialist

Contact Information
Mail Stop 7415

The mission of the College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) is to prepare competent, enlightened citizens who will enhance their respective professions, commit themselves to socially responsible leadership, and help develop the global economy in a spirit of cooperation. Each academic unit of the college has developed specific goals to address this mission.

Graduates of the College of Education and Professional Studies programs are Professionally Prepared and Profession Ready, or P3R. Graduates enter the job force right after graduation and make an immediate positive impact on their profession.

School of Education

The Education programs at CWU are all about preparing students to enter the greatest profession in the world….Teaching! Our Education programs approach learning in a supportive and positive environment where students and staff share responsibility for knowledge, and where students and staff value working and learning together. Graduates enter their teaching positions after graduation and make an immediate positive impact on the students they teach.

CEPS facilitates communication between and among the respective disciplines that contribute to the preparation of educators, including teachers, school administrators, and school psychologists. Supporting the mission, purpose, and governance structure of CEPS is the constructivist philosophy-a belief that knowledge is actively created by learners and made meaningful when learners relate new information to prior knowledge.

The School of Education Teacher Preparation Program is administered through CEPS. Admission to the university does not guarantee admission into the School of Education Teacher Preparation Program. Students must apply to the School of Education Teacher Preparation Program and meet specific application criteria before being admitted. For more information about the Teacher Certification process, link to www.cwu.edu/teacher-certification/.

Professional Studies

The Professional Studies at Central Washington University strives to deliver innovative applied science and technology programs that develop competent globally responsible citizens who contribute to their respective professions. The vision of Professional Studies at CWU is to be recognized as a premier learning community dedicated to providing relevant and authentic learning experiences.

College of Education and Professional Studies programs value:

  • Students
  • Excellence in teaching
  • A rigorous academic and learning environment
  • The preparation of students for successful careers
  • Accreditation and industry standards
  • Applied research
  • Creative, diverse and innovative ideas
  • Open, collaborative environments
  • Partnerships with external constituents
  • The use of current technology
  • Professionalism, integrity, and responsible citizenship
  • Life balance

Graduate Degree Programs:

Curriculum, Supervision and Education Leadership (MEd)
Specialization: Curriculum and Instruction
Contact: Dr. Eric Hougan, PhD; Eric.Hougan@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2259

Curriculum, Supervision, and Education Leadership (MEd)
Specialization: School Administration; Higher Education
Contact: Dr. Don Wattam, EdD; Donald.Wattam@cwu.edu; 509-963-3075

Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning (Endorsement only)
Specialization: ELL
Contact: Dr. Craig Hughes, PhD; craig.hughes@cwu.edu; (509) 963-1269

Family and Child Life (MS)
Contact: Dr. Amy Claridge, PhD; Amy.Claridge@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2758

Family and Consumer Sciences (MS)
Specialization: Career and Technical Education
Contact: Dr. Kimberlee Bartel, PhD; Kimberlee.Bartel@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2766

Health Sciences (MS)
Specialization: Nutrition
Contact: Dr. David Gee, PhD; David.Gee@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2772

Health Sciences (MS)
Specialization: Integrative Human Physiology
Contact: Dr. Karen Roemer, PhD; Karen.Roemer@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2746

Health Sciences Graduate Certificate and Master of Public Health (MPH)
Specialization: Public Health
Contact: Dr. Tishra Beeson, PhD.; Tishra.Beeson@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2494

Information Technology and Administrative Management - ITAM (MS)
Specializations: Structures of Data and Analytics for IT Managers, Information Technology, Administrative Management or Cybersecurity
Contact: Dr. Hideki Takei, PhD; Hideki.Takei@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2617 or Elizabeth Henry; Elizabeth.Henry@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2620

Sport and Movement Studies - SAMS (MS)
Sport and Athletic Administration with specialization in Sport Administration or Athletic Administration
Contact: Dr. Rory Weishaar, EdD; Rory.Weishaar@cwu.edu; 509-963-2265

Sport and Movement Studies - SAMS (MS)
Specialization: Health and Physical Education
Contact: Dr. Mark Perez, PhD, Mark.Perez@cwu.edu; (509) 963-1919

Safety and Health Management (MS)
Contact: Morgan Bliss, EdD, morgan.bliss@cwu.edu; (509) 963-1740

Engineering Technology and Management (MS)
Specializations: Engineering Technology; Construction Management
Contact: Hongtao Dang, PhD.; Hongtao.Dang@cwu.edu; (509) 963-1762 - John Choi, PhD; Jeunghwan.Choi@cwu.edu; (509) 963-1596

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