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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

World Languages Department

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College of Arts and Humanities
Language and Literature Bldg., room 102

Fax: 509-963-1959
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Faculty and Staff

Rodney Bransdorfer, PhD

Rodney Bransdorfer, PhD, Spanish, applied linguistics
Nathalie Kasselis, PhD, Spanish
Natalie Lefkowitz, PhD, Spanish, applied linguistics
Stella Moreno, PhD, Spanish
Joshua S. Nelson, PhD, Japanese

Associate Professors
Dieter Romboy, PhD, German
Eric Mayer, PhD, Spanish

Assistant Professors
Dinara Georgeoliani, PhD, Russian
Alejandro Lee, PhD, Spanish

Emeritus Faculty
Elbert E. Bilyeu, PhD, Spanish
Eva-Marie Carne, PhD, German
Kelton W. Knight, PhD , French
M. Nancy Lester, PhD, Spanish
Carlos E. Martin, PhD, Spanish
Christian Immo Schneider, PhD, German
Rosco N. Tolman, PhD, Spanish

Steve Cook, BA, American sign language
Yuanxia Liu, MA Chinese
Laurie Moshier, DA, French
Mariko Okada-Collins, MA, Japanese

Lindsay Groce, secretary senior

Department Information
The Department of World Languages offers four BA degrees with specializations and minors in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Russian. Four BA degrees and two minors are available in Spanish. Teacher certification may also be completed in the target language(s). Course offerings provide (1) an introduction to the nature of the language as a facet of culture; (2) an acquaintance with the literature and culture of the aforementioned languages; and (3) proficiency in speaking, comprehension, and writing.

For non-majors or minors, the first– and second–year sequences are designed to provide basic proficiency in a foreign language. The department recommends that all majors include some organized study in a foreign country where their major language is spoken.

Admission to Department Programs

  1. Students planning to major or minor must meet with an advisor in the foreign languages department for details about admission requirements, and complete an application form.
  2. Potential majors must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 in second-year language courses.
  3. Potential minors must have a grade point average of at least 2.5 in second-year language courses.
  4. The foreign languages department reserves the right to modify these requirements as the needs of the department change. Any changes would supersede policies previously published in this catalog.

Departmental Standards
Students in non-teaching majors and minors must earn a minimum grade of C+ in each course allowed toward fulfilling the major and/or minor. Students in teaching majors must earn a minimum grade of B in each course allowed toward fulfilling the major.

Departmental Honors
To earn honors in the Department of World Languages, the student must be a major, at least a first quarter senior, and have a GPA of 3.4 in the foreign language in question. Aspirants must apply in writing to the department chair.

Core Course Requirements
Only courses numbered 200 and above will count toward a major or minor. For students with sufficient preparation the 200 level sequence may be challenged for credit but not waived. Those pursuing a foreign language broad area major or foreign language teaching broad area major will be required to earn at least 10 credits in a study abroad program where the courses are taught in the target language. Students pursuing a Spanish Broad Area major or a Spanish Teaching Broad Area major will be required to earn 10 credits in a study abroad program where the courses are taught in Spanish. Students planning to study abroad must see their advisor prior to departure to ensure the applicability of the proposed course of study. All upper-division foreign language classes not listed as requirements are approved electives.

Bachelor of Arts
World Language Majors
with Specializations



    Bachelor of ArtsMinor


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