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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science Department

Computer Science Department

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College of the Sciences
Hebeler Hall, room 219

Fax: 509-963-1449
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Faculty and Staff

James Schwing, PhD

Boris Kovalerchuk, PhD, artificial intelligence, simulation and optimization, computer architecture
James Schwing, PhD, parallel algorithms, user interface design, computer graphics, computer-aided design

Associate Professors
Razvan Andonie, PhD, neural networks, parallel and distributed computing, computational intelligence, data mining
Edward Gellenbeck, PhD, user interface design, web development, software engineering

Assistant Professor
John Anvik, PhD, software engineering, machine learning, computer supported collaborative work



Jami Beintema, secretary senior

Zachary Geesaman, systems analyst

Department Information
The Department of Computer Science (CS) offers a degree program leading to the Bachelor of science in computer science. The department also jointly offers a program with the industrial engineering technology (IET) department in the College of Education and Professional Studies in computer engineering technology. Information related to the computer engineering technology program can be found in the IET section of the catalog.

The field of computer science can trace its beginnings and much of its foundation to both mathematics and engineering. Because of this, studies in computer science range from theory through experimental techniques to engineering methodology. The purpose of the computer science curriculum is to expose students to aspects of each of these disciplines and foster an appreciation and understanding of them. To accomplish this, students are exposed to the broad theoretical basis of computer science as well as a strong laboratory component. The laboratory experience is more than simple programming. Rather, it is through the laboratories that students are introduced to both the experimental and the design aspects of computer science.

Using this philosophy as a base, the CS department has designed a curricular model that seeks to increase relevance to the real world. In particular, the senior project, a capstone course series- CS 480 and 481- adopts a theme that expands upon the experimental and design approach of typical computer science curricula. This capstone series addresses the creativity and productivity elements required for business and industry applications today. Students become engaged in projects that investigate each stage of transforming a creative idea into a productivity-enhancing system in a realistic context.

Standards for Admission
Admission to the computer science major or minor is selective. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 is required in the pre-admission requirements listed below. Students should submit their application during the quarter in which they are completing the pre-admission requirements. Applications will be accepted through the last day of classes (i.e., the week before finals) of the fall, winter, and spring quarters for admission the following quarter. A completed application must include the standard major application form and an advisor-approved graduation plan.

Students should request admission to the computer science pre-major prior to completion of the pre-admission requirements.
Students must be accepted as a computer science major or minor prior to enrolling in computer science classes beyond CS 301 with the exception of CS 311. Students applying for admission to the major may register for courses for the following quarter but will be dropped if not admitted.

The computer science department believes that advising is one of the keys to success in an undergraduate program. To that end, majors and minors are required to meet with a faculty advisor every term in order to register. Pre-majors are also encouraged to meet with their designated faculty advisor each term. Advisors and advising times are listed with the CS office.

Pre-admission Requirements
General University Requirements

ENG 101, Composition I: Critical Reading
and Responding    4
ENG 102, Composition II: Reasoning
and Research    4
CS Core Requirements
CS 110, Programming Fundamentals I     4
CS 111, Programming Fundamentals II    4
CS 301, Data Structures    4
MATH 172, Calculus I    5
Pre-admission Total Credits: 25



•  Applied Computer Science Minor 
•  Computer Science Major, BS 
•  Computer Science Minor 

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