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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy Department

Philosophy and Religious Studies Department

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College of Arts and Humanities
Language and Literature Bldg., room 337

Fax 509-963-1822
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Faculty and Staff

Heidi M. Szpek, PhD

Chenyang Li, PhD, (on leave) Asian philosophy, comparative philosophy, ethics, social and political philosophy

Associate Professors
Cynthia Coe, PhD, 20th century continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, director of women’s studies
Jeffrey Dippmann, PhD, world religions, Chinese Buddhism, and Daoism
Heidi Szpek, PhD, Hebrew Bible, Western religious traditions, Judaism, Holocaust studies, World Religions

Assistant Professors
Matthew Altman, PhD, early modern philosophy (Kant), 19th century philosophy, ethics and applied ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of art, director William O. Douglas Honors College
Gary Bartlett, PhD, philosophy of mind, cognitive science, epistemology

Senior Lecturer
Karen Turcotte, MA, comparative religions, religion of India, philosophies of India

Gayle Dohrman, MA, history of philosophy, ancient philosophy (Plato), metaphysics, ethics, mysticism
David Newcomer, MDiv, Christianity, ethics

Emeritus Professors
Peter M. Burkholder, PhD
Raeburne S. Heimbeck, PhD
Webster F. Hood, PhD
Chester Z. Keller, PhD

Jan Farrell, secretary senior

Department Information
The original meaning of the word philosophy is “the love of wisdom.” Philosophy therefore represents an ongoing process of critical and speculative inquiry into questions representing people’s deepest concerns, such as the meaning of existence, the nature of reality, and the grounds of human conduct. The religious studies specialization is a path of inquiry into the nature of religion, its pervasive role in human life, and its contribution to understanding human existence and destiny.

Bachelor of Arts
Philosophy Major

Students may choose either a 50-credit major or a 60-credit major. In order to graduate, a student who completes the 50-credit major must also have a minor or second major in another discipline. A student who completes the 60-credit major is not required to have a minor or second major.


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