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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENG 404 - Advanced Technical Writing

Practice in designing, constructing, evaluating, and testing technical documents for specific purposes and organizational cultures. ENG 504 is taught online. ENG 404 and ENG 504 are layered courses; a student may not receive credit for both.

Prerequisite: ENG 310.

Credits: (5)

Learner Outcomes, Activities and Assessments

Learner Outcome

Activity (optional)


1. Analyze organizational contexts


1. Students will write situational analyses (audience, purpose for writing, and organizational culture) for all writing assignments

2. Analyze the ethical considerations involved in the technical communication


2. Students will discuss, list, and present ethical considerations for various writing situations as a group exercise

3.  Analyze the cultural considerations involved in technical communication



3. Students will discuss, list, present and apply communication etiquette expected in a variety of cultures

4.  Use and improve appropriate conventions and formal elements



4. Students will write documents, including memos, letters, and reports, that meet the needs of specific audiences, accomplish specific goals, and follow formal writing conventions

5. Construct arguments that are based on sound evidence and appeal to several audiences at once



5. Students will write reports that present a case supported by evidence using conventions and formal elements appropriate to a varied audience

6.  Conduct research that can be used to support arguments


6. Students will write technical proposals that present a case supported by evidence using conventions and formal elements appropriate to a specific audience

7. Test, edit and revise designs and ideas in online documents


7. Students will proofread and edit at least one classmate’s report by using a tracking/mark up computer application


8.  Understand the differences necessary in writing for different levels of audience                                                       



8. Students will revise a report or document by putting it into a different genre (i.e., from technical report to brochure) or addressing a different audience (i.e., from instructions for nutritionist to fact-sheet for patients)

9.  Work in an editor’s role to improve the documents, presentations and critical thought of others                                                           



9. Students will participate in writing groups (formal on line discussion groups) that analyze one another’s rhetorical situations, hone report topics, determine scope, and edit drafts

10.  Identify and incorporate cultural differences as they communicate with audiences from another culture    


10. Students will write an effective memo to, and edit a brief report from, an audience from a different culture

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