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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

President’s Welcome

President Jerilyn S. McIntyre

A letter of greeting from the president of Central Washington University

Welcome to Central Washington University, where faculty and staff are committed to serving the needs and interests of our students. You’ve no doubt seen the question we pose in our promotional and recruitment materials: “What’s Central to You?” When our current students and alumni are asked this question, they tell us they chose Central because of its outstanding academic and student-life programs. They like the way these programs prepare students for success in college and after college. They tell us they value Central because we focus on students and meet the needs of both traditional and nontraditional students. Students on the Ellensburg campus praise our outstanding residence life programs, and those at our university centers appreciate the convenience of studying close to where they live and work. All of this is just what we like to hear. At Central, we take pride in our personal approach to education, the breadth of our educational offerings and our attention to the intellectual, professional, social, ethical, cultural and creative facets of students’ lives.

The University catalog is not leisure reading for most people, but students who take the time to explore its pages learn a great deal about our campus, its programs and its opportunities. The catalog provides a window on our academic life and a road map for your journey through your educational program. Within these pages, you’ll find something about our origins, our current mission and our vision for the future. You’ll learn about the majors, minors and degree programs we offer and how to meet the requirements for each. You’ll learn how to apply to the University and how to meet the requirements for graduation. I encourage you to find the time to become familiar with this catalog and to keep it handy as a reference for those times when questions arise.

At Central, we are fortunate to serve Washington’s diverse population and beyond. Through our commitment to a diversity of ideas and people, we provide students with the opportunity to understand and value different cultures, life circumstances and ways of thinking. Our students have opportunities to participate in programs nurturing undergraduate research and creative expression, study abroad activities and civic engagement initiatives, all of which broaden their view of the world and inspire lifelong learning.

I am pleased that you have decided to become a part of our community of scholars. Students, faculty and staff working together here generate vitality and enthusiasm for learning and discovery. I hope this publication serves you well and that your association with Central will be happy and rewarding. Most important, I hope you are able to achieve your educational and professional goals with us.


President's Signature

Jerilyn S. McIntyre