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2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master Degrees Offered

Departments, degrees offered, and courses are listed in alphabetical order in this section. Courses numbered 596 designate individual study courses and are available for registration by prior arrangement with the course instructor and approval of the department chair.

The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the amount of credit each course carries. Variable credit courses include the minimum and maximum number of the credits within parentheses.

Not all of the courses are offered every quarter. Final confirmation of courses to be offered, information on new courses and programs, as well as a list of hours, instructor, titles of courses and places of class meetings, is available online in Safari which can be accessed through the CWU home page at www.cwu.edu. A registration handbook is available at Registrar Services or your university center office. This book will assist you in navigating through Safari.

CWU offers the following master’s degrees:

Accounting Department
Master of Professional Accountancy

Advanced Programs Department
Master of Education School Administration
Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Art Department
Master of Arts
Master of Fine Arts

Biological Sciences Department
Master of Science Biology
Biomedical Sciences Specialization

Chemistry Department
Master of Science Chemistry

Computer Science Department
Master of Computational Science

Educational Foundations and Curriculum Department

Master of Education
Master Teacher

English Department
Master of Arts English (Literature)
Master of Arts English (TESOL)

Family and Consumer Sciences Department
Master of Science Family and Consumer Sciences
Family Studies Specialization
Career and Technical Education

Geological Sciences Department
Master of Sciences Geological Sciences

History Department
Master of Arts History

Individual Studies
Master of Arts
Master of Education
Master of Science

Industrial and Engineering Technology Department
Master of Science Engineering Technology

Language, Literacy, and Special Education Department
Master of Education Special Education
Master of Education Reading Specialist

Law and Justice Department
Master of Law and Justice

Mathematics Department
Master of Arts for Teachers, Mathematics

Music Department
Master of Music

Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences Department
Master of Science Exercise Science
Master of Science Nutrition

Physical Education and School and Public Health Department
Master of Science Health and Physical Education
Athletic Administration Specialization

Primate Behavior and Ecology
Master of Science Primate Behavior

Psychology Department
Master of Education School Counseling
Master of Education in School Psychology
Master of Science Experimental Psychology
General Experimental Psychology Specialization
Applied Behavior Analysis Specialization
Master of Science Mental Health Counseling

Resource Management
Master of Science Resource Management

Theatre Department
Master of Arts, Theatre
Theatre Studies Specialization
Theatre Production Specialization