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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aviation Department

College of Education and Professional Studies
Black Hall Suite 225-1
400 East University Way 98926-7515
Fax: 509-963-2377
Mail Stop 7515

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Faculty and Staff

Peter Dittmer, EdD, MCFI, ATP

Amy L. Hoover, PhD, CFII, mountain flying, meteorology, human factors
Sundaram Nataraja, MS, EdD, CILT, aviation management, airport finance, airport/airlines marketing
Teresa Sloan, MIT, ATP, FAA ground schools, air transportation
Jason Underhill, MBA, ATP, CFII, aircraft systems and simulation, airline operations
Dale Wilson, MS, ATP, MGI, CFI, aviation safety, human factors, aviation weather

Assistant Professor
Peter Dittmer, EdD, MCFI, ATP, ground schools, air transportation

Rich Bates, CFII, MEI, assistant chief flight instructor
Cathy Busha, JD, aviation law
Nathaniel Freedman, Senior Flight Instructor, CFI, CFII
Jeff Cole, Senior Flight Instructor, ATP, CFI, CFII
Anthony Davis, Senior Flight Instructor, CFI, CFII, MEI
Andrew McIrvin, BS, ATP, DPE, chief flight instructor

Lisa Broweleit, program support supervisor
Alex Cater, dispatcher
Shae Parker, dispatcher
TBA, secretary senior

Department Information
The Department of Aviation offers two Bachelor of Science degrees.

Professional Pilot degree: Specializations in flight officer and commercial pilot
Aviation Management degree: Specializations in aviation management and aviation maintenance management.

Accrediting Information
The aviation department holds an FAA Air Agency certificate. Ground schools and flight labs are conducted under 14CFR Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. CWU aviation department is a member of the University Aviation Association.

Department Standards

Students must apply for acceptance into a degree or specialization. Application will be reviewed upon acceptance to CWU. Admission decisions are based on a number of factors, including grade point average, SAT/ACT scores, letters of recommendation, financial capability, and a written statement of purpose, as outlined in the aviation department application form. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations require proof of citizenship for pilots.

Financial Obligations
Flight training fees are paid by the student and will be in addition to normal university tuition and fees (see aviation department website for current fees). Additional fees are required for AVP 444, AVP 445, and AVP 489 (see online student registration handbook). Additional costs for students enrolled in flight labs include current FAA charts, pilot supplies, and optional personal aviation headphones.

Aviation Department Fees
The Department of Aviation flight training is a CWU self-support system. The aviation program utilizes a course fee system to provide a package of services to our students for their flight training, FAA examinations, and ground simulation systems. Fees apply to all students equally. All fees are billed directly to student’s accounts. Refund of tuition and fees follow CWU policies as provided in this publication. No refunds of tuition and fees occur after the first 30 days of a course. Self-pay purchases at the airport are not permitted. FAA check ride fees will be charged beyond the first attempt. All courses will be conducted under Part 141 and Part 61. Flight lab fees do not include CWU standard course tuition and fees.

Course Number: Fees:
AVP 101 - Private Pilot Flight Laboratory I (training) $6988
AVP 102 - Private Pilot Flight Laboratory II (training) $6988
AVP 103 - Private Pilot Flight Laboratory III (training) $7688
AVP 104 - Private Pilot Flight Laboratory Intermediate (training) $1988
AVP 201 - Instrument Pilot Flight Laboratory I (training) $6388
AVP 202 - Instrument Pilot Flight Laboratory II (training) $6388
AVP 203 - Instrument Pilot Flight Laboratory III (training) $6988
AVP 304 - Commercial Pilot Flight Laboratory I (training) $6788
AVP 305 - Commercial Pilot Flight Laboratory II (training) $6788
AVP 306 - Commercial Pilot Flight Laboratory III (training) $6788
AVP 401 - Multi-Engine Flight Laboratory  $9488
AVP 402 - Certified Flight Instructor Laboratory   $8488
AVP 142 - Principles of Flight II (for testing services) $165
AVP 242 - Instrument Flight II (for testing services) $165
AVP 354 - Commercial Pilot (for testing services) $165
AVP 448 - Fundamentals of Flight Instruction (for testing services) $330
AVP 444 - Multi-Engine FTD, Baron G58 (simulator use) $1415
AVP 445 - Turboprop FTD, King Air 200 (simulator use) $1290
AVP 489 - Turbo FTD, CRJ-200 (simulator use) $2345

Central Washington University (CWU) does not contract with any outside entity for any instruction; the Instructors are faculty, adjunct faculty, instructors, temporary instructors, OPS, etc. (not hired through arrangements with a third party such as a pilot school); CWU leases or owns the aircraft; CWU leases or owns the facilities where flight and ground training is conducted; administrative staff are permanent full-time administrators of CWU.

Program Outcomes
For information on program outcomes, please go to: www.cwu.edu/mission/assessment-improvement/slo-assessment-plans

Course Offerings
Frequency of course offering information can be found at the department website: www.cwu.edu/aviation or by contacting the department directly.


    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)Minor


      Aviation Management (AVM)Aviation Pilot (AVP)