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2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Arts and Humanities

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Administration and Organization

Marji Morgan, PhD (Hebeler Hall, Room  202)

Associate Dean
Michael Chinn, MFA (Hebeler Hall,
Room 202)

The College of Arts and Humanities advances knowledge, promotes intellectual inquiry, and cultivates creative endeavor among students and faculty through teaching informed by scholarship, creative activity, and public and professional involvement. We are committed to helping students develop intellectual and practical skills for responsible citizenship and the challenges of contemporary life in a global society. The college offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs of the highest quality, acts as a steward of the foundational disciplines upon which all inquiry is based, and serves as a cultural center for arts and humanities for the university and the region.

The College of Arts and Humanities will be recognized as a distinguished learning community known regionally for scholarly and creative excellence, innovative, and rigorous foundational liberal arts education, and undergraduate and graduate programs that are outstanding and unique in the state.

Departments and Programs
Africana and Black Studies: Bobby Cummings, PhD/Paulus Pimono, PhD (Michaelsen Hall, Room 104/Language and Literature Bldg., Room 408F)

Art: Liahna Armstrong, PhD (Randall Hall, Room 100)

Asia/Pacific Studies Program: Jeffrey Dippmann, PhD (Language and Literature Bldg., Room 337C)

Communication: Lois Breedlove, MA (Bouillon Hall, Room 232A)

English: George Drake, PhD (Language and Literature Bldg., Room 423)

Film and Video Studies Program: Michael Ogden, PhD (Bouillon Hall, Room 225)

Foreign Languages: Joshua Nelson, PhD (Language and Literature Bldg.,
Room 102S)

History: Karen Blair, PhD (Language and Literature Bldg., Room 100)

Latino and Latin American Studies Program: Michael Ervin, PhD (Language and Literature Bldg., Room 100M)Music: Peter Gries, DMA (Music Education, Room 144)

Philosophy and Religious Studies: Chenyang Li, PhD (Language and Literature Bldg., Room 337)

Theatre Arts: Scott Robinson, MFA (McConnell Hall, Room 106)

Affiliated Programs
American Indian Studies
Patrick McCutcheon, PhD
Farrell Hall, Room 337

Environmental Studies
Carey Gazis, PhD     
Lind Hall, Room 219

Ethnic Studies    
Delores Cleary, PhD     
Farrell Hall, Room 409

Women’s Studies
Cynthia Coe, PhD     
Language and Literature Building, Room 318

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