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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MSL 292 - Leader’s Training Course, Internship

Basic military skills and leadership techniques taught at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, during the summer. Qualifies the student for enrollment in the ROTC advanced course. Training emphasizes leadership development and can be taken in place of the basic  course. Students receive pay, food, lodging, and travel expenses to and from Ft. Knox. By permission.

Credits: (8)

Learner Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Evaluate a Casualty
  • Perform 1st Aid to Prevent/control Shock
  • Perform 1st Aid for Bleeding of an Extremity
  • Perform 1st Aid for suspected Fracture
  • Perform 1st Aid for Burns
  • Perform Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation
  • Perform 1st Aid for an Open Head Wound
  • Perform 1st Aid for an Open Chest Wound
  • Perform 1st Aid for an Open Abdominal Wound
  • Perform 1st Aid to Clear Object from Throat
  • Perform 1st Aid for Cold Injuries
  • Perform 1st Aid for Heat Injuries
  • Transport a Casualty
  • Request Medical Evacuation
  • Perform 1st Aid for Nerve Agent Injury
  • Decontaminate yourself and individual Equipment Using Chemical Decontamination Kits
  • Protect Yourself from NBC Injury/Contamination with the Appropriate MOPP Gear
  • React to a Nuclear Hazard or Attack
  • Protect yourself using Protective Mask
  • Detect Chemical Agents Using MB or M9 Detector Paper
  • Identify Chemical Agents using M256 Chemical Agent Detector Kits
  • Conduct Unmasking Procedures
  • Recommend Admin and Personnel Actions
  • Supervise Financial Readiness Actions
  • Employ Military Justice
  • Supervise Supply Activities
  • Conduct Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
  • Write in the Army Style
  • Conduct a Military Briefing
  • Communicate Effectively in a Given Situation
  • Conduct Drill and Ceremonies
  • Apply Characteristics of Profession to Officer Service
  • Identify Ways Values Affect Leader Obligations
  • Comply w/Joint Ethics Regulation Requirements
  • Create a Climate that Fosters Ethical Behavior
  • Apply the Just War Tradition
  • Resolve an Ethical Problem
  • Implement a Total Fitness Program
  • Conduct Risk Assessment
  • Implement Preventive Medicine Measures
  • Enforce Detection Prevention Measures
  • Defend Yourself and Unit Against Terrorism
  • Operate an M60 Machine Gun
  • Report Intelligence Information
  • Process Captured Materiel
  • Identify Future Threats
  • Employ IEW Assets
  • Navigate While Dismounted
  • Apply Leadership Doctrine to Given Situation
  • Identify Duties/Authority of Officer/WO/NCO/Civ
  • Conduct Pr-Combat Checks
  • Coordinate Activities with Staffs
  • Apply Team Development Techniques
  • Motivate Subordinates to Improve Performance
  • Counsel Subordinates
  • Enforce EO/Sexual Harassment Program
  • Act IAW the Provisions of the Code of Conduct
  • Comply w/Environmental Laws/Regulations
  • Apply Branch Information to Career Decisions
  • Apply Customs and Traditions of the Service
  • Integrate Mil History into Education of Officers
  • Maintain Assigned Protective Mask
  • React to Chemical/Bio Hazard or Attack
  • Issue an Oral Operations Order
  • Conduct Movement Techniques by Squad
  • React to Direct/Indirect fire
  • Conduct a Defense by Squad Sized Unit
  • Control Entry into a Restricted Area
  • Adjust Indirect Fire
  • Analyze Terrain
  • Apply Principles of War in Mission Planning
  • Conduct Small Unit Operations IAW Law of War
  • Report Casualties
  • Process Captives
  • Communicate by Tactical Radio
  • Communicate by Tactical Telephone
  • Implement Operational Security Measures
  • Protect Classified Information/Material
  • Employ Physical Security Measures
  • Identify Roles/Organization of US Army
  • Train Subordinates to Perform Individual Task
  • Train a Team (or Squad)
  • Train a Squad
  • Operate a M 16A 1 /M 16A2 Rifle
  • Maintain a M16A1/M16A2 Rifle
  • Maintain a M60 Machine Gun
  • Prepare a Range Card for M60 Machine Gun
  • Employ a M1 BA 1 Claymore Mine
  • Employ Hand Grenades

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Anticipated Course Offering Terms and Locations:

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