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    Central Washington University
  Feb 25, 2018
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Technology Major, BS

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William Cattin, MS (Coordinator)
Scott Calahan, MS
Lad Holden, MS
Craig Johnson, PhD

This major prepares the graduate for leadership positions in industry and technical distribution. The program applies algebra, trigonometry, and the physical sciences to industrial systems. Students select 40-41 credits by advisement in an area of technical interest. Areas of interest may include technology (general), industrial distribution, industrial electronics, industrial manufacturing, industrial supervision, power systems, cast metals, metal fabrication, non-destructive testing, wood production, or other technical areas by departmental advisement. With departmental approval, transfer students from technical programs may elect to use their technical degree as the elective area of interest.

Students pursuing this degree should work closely with their department advisor to assure that they have met the prerequisites for the upper-division electives.

Select Either Credits: 4-5

Sub Total of Credits: 78-79

Technical Specialization

By advisement.

Sub Total of Credits: 26-27

CS or IT Elective Credit: 4

(IET department approved)

Total Credits: 108-110

Additional Information

Transfer students MUST complete a minimum of 25 credits from the IET Department.

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