May 25, 2020  
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Jason Irwin, PhD
Department of Biological Sciences
Science Bldg., room 236D

While not offering a degree in veterinary medicine, CWU does provide the necessary prerequisite courses and an environment that promotes successful admission to veterinary medicine programs both in the USA and abroad. Although some veterinary medicine programs do not require an undergraduate degree for admission, most CWU students do complete their degree before moving into a veterinary medicine program. Below is a list of suggested courses that will fulfill the prerequisites of many veterinary programs. However, each of the 28 veterinary schools in the United States has its own requirements. You must check to be sure that these courses will meet the admission requirements for each veterinary school to which you will apply.

Commonly Required Courses:

BIOL 181, 183, and 183 (General Biology)
CHEM 181, 182, and 183 (General Chemistry)
MATH 153 and 154 (Precalculus I and II)
BIOL 213 (Quantitative Methods)
PHYS 111, 111Lab, 112, 112Lab (Introductory Physics)
BIOL 321 (Genetics)
CHEM 361, 361Lab, 362 (Organic Chemistry)
CHEM 431, 431Lab, 432 (Biochemistry)

Other courses such as BIOL323 (Microbiology), BIOL 352 (Parasitology), BIOL353 (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy), and BIOL426 (Medical Microbiology) may also be useful to those applying to veterinary medicine programs - and also help fulfill CWU degree requirements.

 Note that veterinary programs are typically very competitive. Maintaining a high GPA, scoring well on the Graduate Record Exam, and extensive volunteer/work experience in the veterinary field are all components of a successful application.

 In addition to coursework, CWU has an active Preveterinary Club where students connect with other preveterinary students and local veterinarians, visit veterinary schools, and gain valuable hands-on experience. 

 Additional information is available at:

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