Jan 20, 2021  
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science Education - Broad Area Science Teaching Minor

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This minor prepares students with majors in biology teaching, chemistry teaching, Earth science teaching or physics teaching  to teach middle school or junior high science and leads to a broad area science endorsement (WAC 180-82-355). Science teaching majors must complete the appropriate courses in the three disciplines shown below that are outside their major. For example, a biology major would need to fulfill the chemistry, Earth science and physics requirements shown below. Completion of this minor and a biology, chemistry, Earth science or physics teaching major leads to a broad area science endorsement. If you are interested in this minor, please see a science education advisor as soon as possible. This program may result in students taking more than four years to complete their degree (depending on advising, high school preparation and degree choice).

Required Courses

(Complete all three areas not covered in major program)

Total Credits: 43 to 45

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