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    Central Washington University
  Dec 13, 2017
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies Minor

The environmental studies minor is designed primarily to serve undergraduate education and environmental literacy. Research and graduate education, and community education and service are other goals. Top priority is given to providing a large number of students with the opportunity to assess the nature, scope and complexities of present and impending environmental problems. This emphasis on establishing environmental literacy among a broad spectrum of students does not preclude the simultaneous development of a smaller number of highly selected environmental specialists. Ordinarily, development of expertise as an environmental specialist requires specialized work which can be pursued by means of undergraduate majors and graduate programs. Other objectives include the provision of public education programs on environmental issues and the stimulation of interdisciplinary research on environmental problems.

Total Credits: 22 to 24

Additional Information

Students choosing an Environmental Studies minor will propose an upper division elective course in consultation with, and subject to, the pre-approval of the ENST Director. This elective course must be taken for a grade and be in a department outside the student’s major. The following courses, however, will automatically be accepted without pre-approval provided they meet the other elective requirements: ANTH/GEOG 440, BIOL 360, ECON 462, ENST 455. GEOG 445, or HIST 454.

The minor requires that students finish with a minimum 2.0 GPA for their 22-24 program credits, and students must also earn at least a C- in each of the five courses that comprise their ENST program.