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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Department

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Bouillon 232A

Fax: 509-963-1060
See Web site for how the communication programs could be used for educational and career purposes.

Faculty and Staff

Lois Breedlove

Phil Backlund, Ph.D., communication studies
Corwin P. King, Ph.D., communication studies, public relations
Jerilyn S. McIntyre, Ph.D., mass communication

Associate Professors
Lois J. Breedlove, M.A., journalism
Beatrice Coleman, M.F.A., public relations
Robert C. Fordan, M.A., journalism
Michael R. Ogden, Ph.D., journalism, film and video studies

Assistant Professors
Cesar N. Garcia
Cynthia Mitchell, M.B.A., journalism

Non-tenure Annual Contract
Katherine Horowitz, senior lecturer
Maria Sanders, lecturer
Tobias J. Staab, lecturer

Kristina Owens, secretary senior
Veronica Gomez-Vilchis, Bridges project coordinator
Christine Page, Observer business manager

Department Information

Communication is a social science that focuses upon how, why and with what effects people use language and images to convey information. It has historical roots going back to the Greeks and Romans, and modern roots grounded in the latest developments in technology. It provides academic preparation for employment in the media, business, government, education, and social and community service, as well as for graduate work.

Department standards

Admission requirements

  1. Students must be advised by a faculty member in the department.
  2. Students must be enrolled in or have completed Com 201, 207, 208, and 289 before obtaining entrance to the majors. All potential majors must have a grade point average of at least 2.4 overall from CWU and have a passing score on the required grammar, spelling and punctuation test.
  3. Students must submit a major application form, a current CAPS report or an evaluation by a communication faculty member, a letter of application, and test scores from the departmental admissions test in accordance with department policies.
  4. The communication department reserves the right to modify these requirements as the needs of the department change and would supersede policies previously published in this catalog.

Exit requirements

  1. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in all courses counted toward fulfilling any major and/or minor requirements.
  2. All majors are required to take 5 credits of Com 490, Cooperative Field Experience. Communication Studies majors may elect to take Com 485, Senior Seminar, instead of Com 490. Students shall receive Com 490 credit only if they have major status at the time they enroll for Cooperative Field Experience credit. Students not having major status shall receive Com 290 credit.
  3. All communication department majors are required to complete a minor from outside the department of at least 20 credits. The minor must be approved by the student’s advisor as being compatible with the student’s long-term academic and career goals.

Financial Obligations

Studio production courses required for broadcast journalism have associated lab fees.


Communication Minor
Communication Studies Major
Journalism Major
Organizational Communication Minor
Public Relations Major


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