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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Department

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Black 101

Fax: 509-963-1162
See the Web site for how these programs could be used for educational and career purposes.

Faculty and Staff

Steve Schmitz

Program Directors
Cathrene Connery, bilingual education/teaching english as a second language
Keith Salyer and Cory Gann, early childhood education
Henry Williams, educational administration
Naomi Petersen, elementary education
Rexton Lynn, field experiences
Henry Williams, professional education program
Andrea Sledge, reading
David Majsterek and Debra Prigge, special education

Rebecca S. Bowers, Ed.D., curriculum and instruction
Carol Butterfield, Ph.D., elementary education/reading/bilingual education/TESL
Minerva L. Caples, Ed.D., elementary/secondary/bilingual/TESL/social studies/language arts
James L. DePaepe, Ph.D., special education
Susan Donahoe, Ph.D., reading/language arts
Barry Donahue, Ed.D., foundations
Dan Fennerty, Ed.D., special education
Gail Goss, Ed.D., reading
Connie Lambert, Ph.D., special education
David Majsterek, Ed.D., special education, early childhood education
James G. Pappas, Ed.D., administration
Debra Prigge, Ed.D., special education
Steven A. Schmitz, Ed.D., curriculum and instruction
David Shorr, Ph.D., early childhood education
Alberta Thyfault, Ph.D., special education
Henry Williams, Ed.D, curriculum and instruction
Don B. Woodcock, Ph.D., curriculum and instruction, supervision

Associate Professors
Marwin Britto, Ph.D., instructional technology
Christina Curran, Ph.D., special education
Cory Gann, Ph.D., early childhood education
Craig Hughes, Ph.D., bilingual education, TESL
Kim M. Jones, Ph.D., curriculum and instruction, supervision
Dennis L. Martinen, Ed.D., curriculum and instruction, supervision
Steve Nourse, Ed.D., curriculum and instruction, supervision
Lee Plourde, Ph.D. curriculum and instruction, supervision, administration
Keith Salyer, Ph.D., elementary education
Andrea C. Sledge, Ph.D., reading, language arts

Assistant Professors
Yukari Amos, Ph.D., bilingual education
Gary W. Ballou, Ph.D.
Cathrene Connery, Ph.D., bilingual education/TESL
Tina Georgeson, Ed.D., elementary education/early childhood education
Khodi Khodadad, Ph.D.
Ian Loverro, Ph.D., curriculum and instruction
Rexton Lynn, Ed.D., international and multicultural education
Lisa Norris
Janet Spybrook, special education
Dennis M. Szal, Ed.D., educational administration
Sharryn L. Walker, Ph.D., reading/language arts

Non-tenure Annual Contract
Alexander Alexandrou, lecturer
Judy A. Backlund, lecturer
Robyn C. Downs, lecturer
Kristin Fisher, lecturer
Melanie Kingham, lecturer
Leona M. Lindvig, lecturer
Sheri J. Logsdon Mycue, lecturer
Dianna G. McNair, lecturer
Mary C. Pack, lecturer
Candace E. Schulhauser, lecturer
Cynthia Vielbig, lecturer

Bryan Bachman-Rhodes, OA II
Jan Case, program assistant
Tina Clark, program coordinator
Velma Henry, secretary supervisor
Nancy Schnebly, secretary senior


Department Information

Major and/or minor programs in the education department include Early Childhood Education, Bilingual/Teaching English as a Second Language, Elementary Education, Reading, and Special Education. The courses in these programs are designated by the course prefixes EDEC, EDBL, EDEL, EDRD, and EDSE respectively.

In addition to major and/or minor, students must complete the Professional Education program. Students completing a Special Dducation major or minor must complete EDCS 424 (or EDRD 308 for those also seeking an elementary major) as part of the Professional Education program.  Students completing a secondary discipline-specific program must complete EDCS 424.  All other Education Department majors or minors do not require the completion of this course. Also, at least 75 percent of the endorsable major or minor must be completed prior to EDCS 442 (Student Teaching).


Department Standards

All students completing an educational endorsement must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher for the last 45 graded credits. Students must also earn a minimum grade of  “C” in all required Education courses.


Admission Requirements

Students may not enroll in education courses until they have been at least conditionally admitted into the Teacher Preparation program. Please see the admission requirements for the teacher preparation program.


Exit Requirements

Students admitted into the Teacher Preparation program are required, before graduation, to present a complete electronic portfolio demonstrating their content pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills, and disposition as a partial fulfillment of their graduation requirements. Please see the exit requirements for the Teacher Preparation program.


Student Teaching

Students must complete a minimum of 16 quarter credits of student teaching on an all-day basis for one quarter. To qualify for certification to teach in more than one specialization, students must meet all requirements listed in the catalog for each specialization.

Applications for student teaching must be brought into the Department of Education Office (Black Hall 101).

Student teaching assignments are made according to the following policies.

  1. All prerequisites in the course description for student teaching must be completed.
  2. One quarter in residence at CWU is required before a student may be assigned to student teaching, unless an exception is approved by the chair of the education department.
  3. Students must be endorsed for student teaching by their major and minor departments. The endorsement requires completion of 75 percent of the major and minor areas. See major and minor departments for advising.
  4. Most student teaching assignments will be made at centers outside Kittitas County.
  5. Student requests for choice of student teaching centers and grade levels will be considered. Final responsibility for student teaching placement rests with the director of student teaching.
  6. Student teachers wishing to enroll in additional coursework during their student teaching experience, must obtain the approval of the director of student teaching.
  7. A minimum GPA of 3.0 for the last 45 quarter credits or overall accumulative (using all college course work) is required prior to applying for student teaching.
  8. Fingerprint clearance from both the Washington State Patrol and the FBI must be on file in the office of the associate dean of the college of education and professional studies (CEPS) prior to applying for student teaching.
  9. Applications for certification must be on file in the office of the associate dean of the CEPS one quarter prior to student teaching.


Special Education Major

The special education majors offered are specifically designed to prepare teachers for meeting the diverse tasks required in teaching individuals with disabilities. Students electing special education teaching must follow one of the outlined programs. EDF 302 must be taken prior to or concurrently with EDSE 311.


Endorsements for Special Education

Students who hold a current teaching certificate and are endorsed in other areas may earn endorsement in special education. See a special education advisor for more information.


• Bilingual Education/Teaching English as a Second Language Minor
• Early Childhood Education Major
• Early Childhood Education Minor
• Elementary Education Major
• Professional Education Program
• Reading Minor
• Special Education (P-12)
• Special Education (P-12) Broad Area
• Special Education Minor
• Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Minor

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