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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latino and Latin American Studies Program

College of Arts and Humanities
Hebeler Hall, room 202

Daniel Beck, PhD

Daniel Beck, PhD, biology
Xavier Cavazos, MFA, English
Joan Cawley-Crane, art
Bobby Cummings, PhD, English
Elvin Delgado, PhD, geography
Jason Dormady, PhD, history
Susana Flores, PhD, education
Cesar Garcia, PhD, communitcations
Gilberto Garcia, PhD, political science
Steve Hackenberger, PhD, anthropology
Koushik Ghosh, PhD, economics
Eric Mayer, PhD, Spanish, world languages
Stella Moreno, PhD, Spanish, world languages
Nelson Pichardo, PhD, sociology
Sterling Quinn, PhD, geography
Rodrigo Rentería-Valencia, PhD, anthropology
Craig Revels, PhD, geography
Chris Schedler, PhD, English
Stefanie Wickstrom, PhD, political science

Vickie Winegar, administrative assistant

Program Information
The Latino and Latin American Studies Program (LLAS) seeks to engage CWU students, faculty, staff, and local communities in a study of Latino and Latin American experiences, peoples, and cultures. The LLAS minor provides students with broad, interdisciplinary training in the economic, social, political, and cultural realities of Latino and Latin American peoples. The minor will be extremely valuable for those pursuing careers in business, government, social work, law and justice, and teaching that require engagement with Latino communities in the United States, as well as for those who wish to travel and work in Latin America. Moreover, the Latino and Latin American Studies minor may also serve as preparation for graduate study in multiple academic or professional fields.

Program Outcomes
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Course Offerings
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      Latino and Latin American Studies (LLAS)