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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Law and Justice Department

College of the Sciences
Farrell Hall, room 309
CWU-Des Moines (D)
CWU-Lynnwood (L)
Mail Stop 7580
Fax: 509-963-3205
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Faculty and Staff

Paul Knepper, PhD

Paul Knepper, PhD, theoretical criminology, history of crime, crime prevention
Rodrigo Murataya, PhD, criminal investigation, police-community relations, police personnel administration
Krystal Noga-Styron, JD, criminal law, crime and the media
Charles Reasons, PhD, LLB, criminology, criminal justice, law, comparative justice

Associate Professors
Teresa Francis, JD, LLM, criminal law, correctional law
Cody Stoddard, PhD, policing, courts, criminological theory, quantitative methods

Assistant Professors
Veronica Cano, PhD, research methods, community and social justice, juvenile justice
Roger Schaefer, PhD, corrections, research methods, criminal justice policy

Senior Lecturer
Robert Wes Clogston, MS, law enforcement, comparative criminal justice, police personnel administration

Saul Chacon, MA, corrections, policing
R. Shaffer Claridge, JD, civil practice, courts and trails, legal writing, legal research
Robert Moore, MA, corrections, correctional counseling

Dalton Neiffer, BA, internship coordinator
Emily Veitia, MS, secretary supervisor

Department Standards
Admission to the major and to the minor

  • Grade requirement: overall grade point average of 2.25 or higher. The department chair may admit a limited number of students with grade point averages below 2.25 under extenuating circumstances.
  • Students applying to the major must submit a major application form.
  • The law and justice department reserves the right to modify these requirements in special cases or as the needs of the department change.

Exit Requirements
A minimum grade of C- must be earned in all courses used to fulfill the requirements of the major and of the minor.

(NOTE: for all 400-level LAJ courses, student must have completed either a DTA or ENG 101 and 102, MATH 101 or 153 or 154 or 164 or 170 or 172, MATH 102 or MATH 130 or PHIL 201 or CS 105 (basic skills in these categories.) 

Program Outcomes
For information on program outcomes, please go to:

Course Offerings
Frequency of course offering information can be found at the department website: or by contacting the department directly.


    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Minor


      Law and Justice (LAJ)