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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of the Sciences

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Administration and Organization

Tim Englund, PhD (Dean Hall, room 130)

Associate Dean
Mike Harrod, PhD (Dean Hall, room 130)

Associate Dean
Martha Kurtz, PhD (Dean Hall, room 130)

Brad Weekly, development officer
Velma Henry, administrative assistant
Janis Orthmann, administrative assistant
Toni Snowden, program coordinator
Dannica Price, event coordinator

Mail Stop 7519
Fax: 509-963-1977

The College of the Sciences (COTS) is comprised of 13 departments and 12 interdisciplinary programs representing disciplines in the behavioral, natural, and social sciences, and mathematics. The departments and programs of the college offer undergraduate baccalaureate degrees, master’s degrees, minors that supplement other degree programs, and a comprehensive range of service coursework. As an essential part of its mission, the college offers an extensive general education curriculum. The departments play a major role in Central’s Teacher Certification Programs, offering bachelors and master’s degrees for students preparing to be secondary teachers and providing coursework in educational foundations and discipline-specific content and methods.

Departments within the college are committed to teaching excellence, active engagement by faculty in research, scholarship and professional service activities, student involvement in research, community service, and employing practical applications of academic specializations.

Graduate Degree Programs

Biological Sciences (MS)
Specializations: Botany; Stream Ecology & Fisheries; Microbiology & Parasitology; Terrestrial Ecology
Contact: Dr. Jason Irwin; irwinj@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2884

Chemistry (MS)
Specialization: Chemistry
Contact: Dr. Yingbin Ge; yingbin@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2817

Computer Science (MS)
Specialization: Computational Science
Contact: Dr. Boris Kovalerchuk; Boris.Kovalerchuk@cwu.edu; (509) 963-1438

Geology (MS)
Specializations: Active & Regional Tectonics; Continental Dynamics & Seismology; Environmental Geochemistry; Geomorphology; Geomorphology & Climate Change, Paleohydrology & Volcanology
Contact: Dr. Christopher Mattinson; mattinson@geology.cwu.edu; (509) 963-1628

Law and Justice (MS)
Specialization: Law and Justice
Contact: Dr. Cody Stoddard; laj@cwu.edu; (509) 963-3208

Primate Behavior (MS)
Specialization: Primate Behavior
Contact: Dr. Lori Sheeran; sheeranl@cwu.edu; (509) 963-1434

Cultural and Environmental Resource Management  (MS)
Contact: Dr. Patrick Lubinski; lubinski@cwu.edu; (509) 963-3601

Cultural and Environmental Resource Management  (MS)
Specialization: Geography
Contact: Dr. Jennifer Lipton; Jennifer.Lipton@cwu.edu;  (509) 963-1164

Psychology (MS)
Specialization: Experimental Psychology
Contact: Dr. Kara Gabriel; gabrielk@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2387

Psychology (MS)
Specialization: Applied Behavior Analysis
Contact: Dr. Sadie Lovett; lovetts@cwu.edu; (509) 963-3453

Psychology (MS)
Specialization: Mental Health Counseling
Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Haviland; haviland@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2371

Psychology (EdS)
Specialization: School Psychology
Contact: Dr. Heath Marrs; marrsh@cwu.edu; (509) 963-2349

Interdisciplinary Programs
These programs offer specialized coursework, interdisciplinary baccalaureate majors or minors, master’s degrees or research, and public service functions.

American Indian Studies: Patrick McCutcheon, PhD, Dean Hall 340, 509-963-2075
Craft Brewing: Steve Wagner, PhD, Science Building, Room 236K, 509-963-1378
Environmental Studies: Pam McMullin-Messier, PhD, Farrell Hall, room 441, 509-963-2222
Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences: Alena Yastchenko, MA, Deccio 215, 509-963-3607
Museum of Culture and Environment: J. Hope Amason, PhD, Dean Hall, room, 509-963-3209
Primate Behavior and Ecology Program: Lori Sheeran, PhD, Dean Hall, room 335, 509-963-1434
Resource Management Program:  Patrick McCutcheon, PhD  Dean Hall, room 340, 509-963-2075 and Jennifer Lipton, Dean Hall, room 322 , 509-963-1164
Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP): Marth Kurtz, PhD,  Dean Hall, room 130. 509-963-2622
Women’s and Gender Studies: Judith Hennessey, PhD, Farrell Hall, room 436, 509-963-1574

Affiliated Centers and Institutes
Center for Spatial Information and Research: Anthony Gabriel, PhD, Dean Hall, room 320, 509-963-1166
Center for the Environment: Pam McMullin-Messier, PhD, Farrell Hall, room 441, 509-963-2222
Central Washington Archaeological Survey, Anthropology: Patrick McCutcheon, PhD, Dean Hall, room 340, 509-963-2075 or Steve Hackenberger, PhD, Dean Hall, room 349, 509-963-3224
Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center: Heath Marrs, PhD, Psychology Building, room 346, 509-963-2349
or Elizabeth Haviland, PhD, Psychology Building, room 118, 509-963-2371
Geodesy Laboratory and Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array (PANGA) Data Analysis Facility: Tim Melbourne, PhD, Science II, room322C, 509-963-2799

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