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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Sciences Department

College of Education and Professional Studies
Dorothy Purser Hall., room 101
Mail Stop 7571
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Faculty and Staff

Ethan A. Bergman, PhD, RDN, CD, FADA, FAND

Clinical Physiology Program Director
Vincent M. Nethery, PhD

Emergency Medical Services- EMS Paramedicine Program Director
Keith A. Monosky, PhD

Exercise Science Program Director
Timothy R. Burnham, PhD

Food and Nutrition Sciences Program Director
David L. Gee, PhD

Medical Director
Kenneth Lindsey

Public Health Director
Rebecca Pearson, PhD, MPH

Ethan A. Bergman, PhD, RDN, CD, FADA, FAND, nutrition and dietetics
Timothy R. Burnham, PhD, clinical physiology, sport physiology, human anatomy
Leonardo J. D’Acquisto, EdD, sport physiology, kinesiology, human anatomy
James DePaepe, PhD, clinical and sport physiology, neurophysiology, and research
David L. Gee, PhD, nutrition and metabolism, nutrition and chronic diseases, nutritional epidemiology
Susan Hawk, PhD, RDN, dietetics, clinical nutrition
Melody Madlem, EdD, public health
Keith A. Monosky, PhD, MPM, EMT-P, emergency medical services, emergency services management, health policy
Vincent M. Nethery, PhD, clinical physiology, sport physiology, environmental physiology, human anatomy

Assistant Professors

Tishra Beeson, PhD, MPH, public health
Eric Foch, PhD
Casey Mace-Firebaugh, PhD, MPH, public health
Dana Ogan, MS, RDN, CD, dietetic internship director
Rebecca Pearson, PhD, MPH, public health
Kelly Pritchett, PhD, RDN sports nutrition
Robert Pritchett, PhD
Karen Roemer, PhD, biomechanics, clinical mechanics, kinematics and kinetics
Nicole Stendell-Hollis, PhD, MS, RDN, obesity, nutrition and chronic disease


Bryan Contreras, MS, instructional classroom support technician- clinical physiology and exercise science
Lucinda Engel, instructional classroom support technician- food science
Vacant, Program Coordinator, EMS-Paramedicine
Jan Clark, secretary supervisor

Department Information
The graduate programs in Health Sciences are designed to provide knowledge and expertise for students intending to pursue higher-level graduate study in doctoral or professional programs, seeking a terminal degree for entry-level positions in a variety of private and public settings, as well as for positions at community colleges and other tertiary levels. Human functioning is the overriding theme of all curricula offerings. The master of science degrees offered by HS require completion of a minimum of 45 credits as outlined in an approved course of study filed with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. The course of study is structured in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and is approved by the department graduate program director. The specifics on the course of study depend on the degree program, and include both required and department-approved elective courses.

Applicants must first meet the general requirements for graduate study as determined by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, and then the specific requirements of their selected program within the Department of Health Sciences (see individual programs). Conditional or probationary admission may be granted in certain circumstances.


    Certificate DMaster of Science (M.S.)


      Integrated Human Physiology (IHP)Nutrition (NUTR)Public Health (PUBH)