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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Development, Teaching and Learning Department

College of Education and Professional Studies
School of Education
Black Hall, room 205
Mail Stop 7406
Fax: 509-963-1421
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Faculty and Staff
Interim Chair

Kate Reynolds, EdD, TESOL

Yukari Amos, PhD, bilingual education, TESL
Carol Butterfield, PhD, literacy, TESL
Janet Finke, PhD, literacy
Craig Hughes, PhD, bilingual education, TESL
Terrance McCain, PhD, bilingual education, TESL

Associate Professors
Tina Georgeson, EdD, early childhood and elementary education
YiShan Lea, EdD, bilingual education, TESL
Khodi Kaviani, PhD, elementary education
Keith Salyer, PhD, early childhood and elementary education
Janet Spybrook, EdD, special education
Sharryn Walker, PhD, literacy
Teresa Walker, EdD, early childhood education

Assistant Professors
Grace Blum, PhD, early childhood education, elementary education
Wendie Lappin Castillo, EdD, special education
Dia Gary, EdD, early childhood education
Pamela M Juniel, PhD, special education

Senior Lecturers
Melanie Kingham, MEd, elementary education, early childhood education

James Hainer, MIT, elementary education
Michele Jacobson, MEd, special education
Tim Lawless, MA, special education

Tina Clark, administrative assistant
Nancy Schnebly, secretary lead

The Department of Education, Development, Teaching and Learning (EDLT) prepares socially responsible practitioner scholars to work and learn within diverse contexts; fostering language, literacy, and learning for all.

General Information
The master of education degree programs are designed primarily for elementary and secondary school teachers and school service personnel. Since the program may also prepare the student for community college teaching and for advanced study, the student should seek advice from the program advisors. For advice regarding specializations, contact the department.

Admission Requirements
In addition to general requirements for admission to master’s programs, students desiring admission to programs in education must meet departmental requirements. Members of the appropriate program will review the student’s application materials from the Office of Admissions and, if deemed necessary, may meet with the student before a recommendation for admission can be made.

Required Educational Foundations and Research Courses
EDF 510 is required of all students earning the MEd degree. The candidate further must choose at least six credits from the following: EDF 501, Educational Foundations, EDF 502, History of Education, EDF 503, Philosophy of Education, EDF 504, Advanced Educational Statistics, EDF 505, Educational Measurement for Teachers, EDF 506, Education Futurism, EDF 507, Studies and Problems in Intercultural Education, EDF 508, Comparative Education, EDF 567, Educational Change, PSY 552, Advanced Human Growth and Development, PSY 559, Advanced Educational Psychology (only one of PSY 552 or PSY 559 may be included to meet the foundations requirement), SOC 525, Society and Education, as approved by the student’s graduate advisor or committee chair. Related courses may be substituted with permission of the student’s graduate advisor or committee chair, the chair of the appropriate department, and the dean of Graduate Studies and Research.


    CertificateMaster of Education (M.Ed.)


      Education: Bilingual (EDBL)Education: Literacy (EDLT)Education: Special Education (EDSE)