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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts Department

College of Arts and Humanities
McConnell Hall, room 102
Mail Stop 7460
Fax: 509-963-1767
e-mail: theatre@cwu.edu
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Faculty and Staff
Interim Chair

Christina Barrigan, MFA

Michael J. Smith, MFA, head of performance, dialect, acting for the camera

Associate Professors
Christina Barrigan, MFA, head of design, resident lighting designer
George W. Bellah, 3rd, MFA, movement, performance, stage combat, Asian drama
Terri Brown, PhD, head of music theatre, history, literature and music theatre
David Brown, MM, musical director, music theory
Marc Haniuk, MFA, resident scenic designer

Assistant Professors
Patrick Dizney, MFA, voice, performance
Emily Rollie, PhD, theatre studies/education

Senior Lecturer
Jerry Dougherty, MFA, stage and production management

David Barnett, MFA, McConnell stage manager, scene shop manager, technical director
Meredith Magoun, MFA, costume design and technology
M. Catherine McMillen, BA, costume shop manager, wigs and makeup
Ligon, Nick, MFA, lighting shop manager
Lindsey, Natashia, PhD, dramaturg/history/literature
Esquivel, Ramón, MFA, theatre education/playwriting
Joseph Sasnett, BFA, voice instructor
Megan Smith, BFA, dance instructor, choreographer
Jason Tucholke, MFA, sound design and technology

Manuel Bonilla, fiscal technician II
Mary Makins, secretary senior

Department Information
Students must choose one of two specializations: theatre production or theatre studies.

Theatre Studies
The theatre studies specialization is specifically designed for students with career goals in dramaturgy, teaching in higher education, or pursuing a PhD in theatre history, research, literature, or criticism. The program is designed to build the research and analytical skills needed for an academic career in theatre. This Resident Program focuses on the dramaturgical aspects of production, as well as individual scholarly interests related to theatre arts. With opportunities to both teach and undertake research projects in theatre, this program offers the perfect blend of pedagogy and theory needed to prepare students for careers as theatre scholars.

A limited number of teaching or research assistantships are available to qualified candidates for the academic year. Out-of-state tuition waivers are also available to qualified candidates.

Theatre Production
The theatre production specialization is specifically designed for the working middle and secondary school teacher who produces plays and would like to obtain an advanced degree through hands-on courses in a program offered entirely during the summer months, within the context of the Summer Institute for Theatre Arts. Options of a blend of summer and academic year models are options, under advisement of the department. This may make the earning of and MA possible in an eighteen-month period.

Graduate Assistantships
A limited number of teaching or research assistantships are available to qualified candidates for the academic year. Assistantships are appointed by the dean of Graduate Studies and Research upon recommendation of the department chair.
Assistantship applications must be completed by February 16 in order to insure full consideration; applicants should submit all materials required by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Contact them at (509) 963-3101 to request application materials or visit www.cwu.edu/masters.


    Master of Arts (M.A.)


      Theatre Arts (TH)