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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Department

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College of Arts and Humanities
Jerilyn S. McIntyre Music Building
Mail Stop 7458
Fax: 509-963-1239
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Faculty and Staff
Interim Chair
Nikolas Caoile, DMA

Interim Associate Chair
Bret Smith, PhD

Joseph Brooks, MM, clarinet, saxophone, woodwind methods
Chris Bruya, MM, jazz studies
Mark Goodenberger, MM, percussion
John Harbaugh, MME, trumpet, jazz studies
Mark Lane, MM, music education, band
Carrie Rehkopf-Michel, MM, violin, chamber music, Kairos String Quartet
John Michel, MM, cello, chamber music, pedagogy, Kairos String Quartet
Hal Ott, DM, flute, literature
John F. Pickett, DM, piano, literature, pedagogy
Vijay Singh, MAT, jazz studies, choir, voice
Gary Weidenaar, DMA, choir, conducting, music education

Associate Professors
Gayla Blaisdell, PhD, voice, opera
Nikolas Caoile, DMA, orchestra, conducting
Daniel Lipori, DMA, music history, bassoon, double reed methods
Bret Smith, PhD, music education, string pedagogy

Assistant Professors
Martin Kennedy, DMA, theory, composition
John Neurohr, DMA, trombone, brass pedagogy, brass literature
Lewis Norfleet, MM, bands, music education, conducting
Mark Samples, PhD, musicology, general education
Melissa Schiel, DMA, voice, pedagogy

Tor Blaisdell, MM, voice
Laura Goben, BM oboe
Teresa Harbaugh, MM, class piano
Aaron Hirsch, MM, orchestra, conducting
Anna Jensen, MM, string bass
David McLemore, MM, tuba, euphonium, history of jazz
Kirsten Neurohr, DMA, theory, music appreciation
Adam Pelandini, MM, saxophone
Scott Peterson, DMA, men’s choir
Barbara Pickett, MM, piano, class piano
Michelle Rahn, DMA, viola
Maria Roditeleva-Wibe, PhD, music history, theory, world music
Leslie Schneider, MM, music education
Emelie Spencer, MM, voice, theory
Norm Wallen, MM, theory

Marcie Brown, program assistant
Allen Larsen, hall manager, audio technician, web manager
Teresa Larsen, secretary supervisor
Shannon Martin, fiscal specialist
Kirsten Neurohr, interim advisor/recruiter
Harry Whitaker, piano technician 

Department Fees
All fees are billed to students’ accounts.

  •   $15 fee for each MUS 154 (Class Instruction) course (all sections except B and H).
  •   $85 fee for 1 credit and $170 fee for 2 credits each quarter of enrollment in MUS 164, 264, or 364 (Individual applied instruction).
  •   $170 fee each quarter of enrollment in MUS 464 (Individual applied instruction).
  •   $85 fee for 2 credits and $170 fee for 4 credits each quarter of enrollment in MUS 564 and 664 (Individual applied instruction).
  •   $85 fee each quarter of enrollment in X71 (Secondary applied instruction).
  •   $40 fee each quarter for students enrolled in Vocal Jazz I
  •   $40 fee for each scheduled student recital
  •   $15 fee for each MUS 252, 253, and 254 (Class Instrumental Methods) course
  •   $5 annual locker fee (Optional if you choose to get a locker)
  •   $5 fee for students enrolled in Percussion Ensemble
  •   $25 university tech fee covers use of electronic equipment used in all music courses. Part-time students enrolled in theory, class piano, composition, or electronic music courses will be assessed this fee.


    Master of Music (M.Mus.)


      Music (MUS)

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