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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History Department

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College of Arts and Humanities
Language and Literature Bldg., room 100
Mail Stop 7553
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Faculty and Staff

Roxanne Easley, PhD

Roxanne Easley, PhD, Russia, Eastern Europe
Daniel Herman, PhD, U.S. pre-1877, U.S. West, Native American
Jason Knirck, PhD, Ireland, Britain, British Empire
Marilyn Levine, PhD, Modern China
Stephen Moore, PhD, Pacific Northwest, foreign relations, social studies education
Marji Morgan, PhD, 19th century British
Stacey Robertson, PhD, 19th century U.S., women/gender

Associate Professors
Brian Carroll, PhD, U.S. Colonial, American Revolution, Native American
Jason Dormady, PhD, Modern Mexico and Latin America, U.S. Borderlands

Assistant Professors
Chong Eun Ahn, PhD, Modern East Asia
Lacy Ferrell, PhD, Africa

Andrew Duffin, PhD
Kenneth Munsell, MA

Emeritus Professors
Karen J. Blair, PhD, 20th century U.S., Women
Beverly Heckart, PhD, Germany, Europe
Zoltan Kramar, PhD, Ancient World
Larry Lowther, PhD, Colonial and Revolutionary America
Kent Richards, PhD, American West, Pacific Northwest

K. Angie Hill, secretary

Department Information
The history faculty offers courses leading to bachelor of arts and master of arts.
Students who declare a major in history must register with the department.

History Honors Program
Qualified students are urged to enter the Department of History’s Honors Program. To qualify for the program, students must complete 25 credits in their major and have an overall GPA of 3.0 and 3.25 in history. Honors students will complete the following requirements:

  • An elective course in addition to those required for their major in an area of concentration (United States, Europe, or non-western)
  • A year of coursework in one departmentally approved foreign language at an accredited college or university. If it is the same language as that taken in high school, the student must complete the coursework at the 200 level
  • An honors research paper (25 page minimum) completed during HIST 481. A faculty committee will judge whether the paper meets departmental standards for honors.

Students who complete the above requirements will graduate with departmental honors. Please contact the department chair for more information.

Bachelor of Arts
(NOTE: Students seeking a BA degree must complete one year college/university study or two years high school study of a single world language.)


    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Minor


      History (HIST)

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