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2008-2009 Graduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Resource Management

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Program Coordinators

Natural Resources
Dr. Anthony Gabriel, Department of Geography and Land Studies
Central Washington University
400 E. University Way, Lind 119
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7420
(509) 963-1166
e-mail: gabriela@cwu.edu

Cultural Resources
Dr. Patrick Lubinski
Department of Anthropology
Central Washington University
400 E University Way, Farrell 339
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7544
(509) 963-3601
e-mail: lubinski@cwu.edu

Tracy J. Andrews, anthropology, cultural anthropology, political ecology, Native America, environmental and medical anthropology
Anthony Gabriel, geography, resource analysis, physical geography, shoreline inventory and assessment, aquatic systems
Steven Hackenberger, anthropology, archaeology, paleoecology, cultural resource management, Columbia Plateau
James L. Huckabay, geography, conflict studies, energy, wildlife, aerial photography, western United States
Nancy Hultquist, geography, human geography, GIS, remote sensing, stewardship of public lands  
Robert Kuhlken, geography, cultural geography, urban and regional planning, environmental literature
Richard S. Mack, economics, resource and regional economics, energy issues, Asia
Morris Uebelacker, geography, cultural geography, rivers, resource and land utilization patterns, cultural resource management
Rex Wirth, political science, resource policy in developing nations

Associate Professors
Kathleen Barlow, anthropology, cultural anthropology, museum studies, culture and politics of natural resource extraction
James Cook, history, Asian studies, environmental history, China/Japan, desertification, water resource management
Daniel Herman, history, nineteenth-century American West, American Indian history, American cultural history
Robert Hickey, geography, GIS remote sensing, environment, geology, erosion modeling, Australia
Karl Lillquist, geography, physical geography, field methods, arid lands, mountains, environmental change
Patrick Lubinski, anthropology, archaeology, cultural resource management, zooarchaeology
Patrick McCutcheon, anthropology, archaeology, geoarchaeology, cultural resource management
Lori Sheeran, anthropology, biological anthropology, primate ecology, China

Assistant Professor
Gina Bloodworth, geography, water resources, environmental studies, water policy & law
Jennifer Lipton, geography, cultural ecology, political ecology, landscape ecology, geospatial techniques
Lene Pedersen, anthropology, cultural anthropology, symbolic anthropology, ecological anthropology, visual anthropology
Allen Sullivan, geography, physical geography, environmental management, landscape reconstruction
Charles Wassell, economics, mathematical modeling of economic issues with policy implications
William W. Wood, anthropology, museum studies, cultural  anthropology, ecotourism and development, Latin America

Faculty from other departments participate in the program as graduate committee members.

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