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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDCS 442 - Student Teaching

Students must attend the seminar which accompanies the student teaching experience. The seminar will meet a total of 20 clock hours during the quarter, normally at a time other than school hours, and at a place designated by the University supervisor. All assignments for student teaching are made through the office of student teaching. In order to qualify for certification to teach in more than one specialization, students must meet all requirements as listed in the undergraduate catalog for each specialization. Students must demonstrate their competence by student teaching a full quarter for each specialization for which they wish to be endorsed.

Prerequisites & Notes:
Prerequisites, admission to the Teacher Preparation Program, 3.0 cumulative GPA the last 45 credits and successful completion of professional sequence, and at least 75 percent of major and minor completed.

Credits: (5-16)

Repeatable for Credit
Grading Basis
Grade will be S or U. Formerly ED 442. Students may not receive credit for both.

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