Dec 03, 2020  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SHM 451 - Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance

Introduction to commercial liability insurance and how risk management techniques can be used to address an organization’s liability loss exposures, and the risk transfer of these exposures through insurance. Course will be offered every year (Spring).

Prerequisite: SHM 353 or by permission.

Credits: (3)

Learner Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify and describe key commercial liability risk exposures and control, and name the type of insurance policies that address each of these loss exposures.
  • Identify the essential elements of various commercial liability insurance policies that govern how coverage applies.
  • Identify and describe the processes involved in procuring commercial liability insurance and adjusting claims.
  • Articulate regulations and current issues facing the commercial liability insurance industry.
Learner Outcomes Approval Date:

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